Monday, January 26, 2009

NFL Wrapup: APR Picks by Team

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APR's pick standings by team for the 2008 season. Because there are no power indexes until after the first week of play, only 15 weeks of play were picked.

15-0-0 Lions Unsurprisingly, APR works best on bad teams that lose a lot, and good teams that win a lot.
14-1-0 Seahawks ibid
12-2-1 Eagles 12 correctly-picked games is a strong argument that the Eagles deserved their high rank after all (so is making it to the NFC Championship game).
12-3-0 Chiefs, Patriots, Cardinals, Rams Excellent results, considering the Patriots went from #24 (week 6) to #6 (week 17), and the Cardinals went from #5 (week 5) to #24 (week 16).
11-4 Cowboys, Chargers, 49ers, Titans The Chargers are another team that seemed to be over-rated based on their record, but 11 correct picks speaks otherwise.
10-4-1 Bengals They are who APR thought they were.
10-5-0 Ravens, Bears, Jaguars, Steelers 16 teams were picked 10-5 (66.7%) or better, which is pretty good...
9-6-0 Vikings, Browns, Texans, Panthers, Raiders, Saints, Bills, Giants, Colts, Dolphins ...but that means 16 teams were picked 9-6 (60%) or worse, which is not so good.
8-7-0 Packers, Jets, Falcons, Redskins The Packers (#5 to #18), Jets (#4 to #19), and Redskins (#1 to #22) all had late season collapses, and APR did not adjust quickly enough.
7-8-0 Buccaneers The Bucs did not travel well. Through week 15, they were 6-0 at home, but just 3-5 on the road. And then, for good measure, they dropped their last two home games.
6-9-0 Broncos The Broncos win APR's "Upset King of 2008" award. They were 5-4 against teams 8-8 or better, but just 3-4 against teams with losing records, including an inexcusable loss to the 2-14 Chiefs. How do you pick a team like that?


  • APR uses a simple exponential decay rate to discount older games. I suspect that this gives early games too much weight and late games too little. A more S-shaped curve will probably yield better results.

  • Under the current configuration, APR's worst per-team record is for the 1987 Seahawks and 1994 Bills (both 2-13).