Monday, September 10, 2012

NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

W-LThis Week
T 149ers1.14481-0Won by 8
@ Packers
T 1Redskins1.14481-0Won by 8
@ Saints
3Cowboys1.14471-0Won by 7
@ Giants
4Broncos1.13861-0Won by 12
vs Steelers
5Falcons1.08771-0Won by 16
@ Chiefs
6Eagles1.08281-0Won by 1
@ Browns
7Patriots1.08221-0Won by 21
@ Titans
T 8Bears1.07741-0Won by 20
vs Colts
T 8Jets1.07741-0Won by 20
vs Bills
T 8Texans1.07741-0Won by 20
vs Dolphins
T11Cardinals1.07701-0Won by 4
vs Seahawks
T11Buccaneers1.07701-0Won by 6
vs Panthers
T11Lions1.07701-0Won by 4
vs Rams
T11Vikings1.07701-0Won by 3
vs Jaguars
T11Raiders1.07701-0Won by 2
vs Chargers
16Ravens1.06461-0Won by 31
vs Bengals
T17Jaguars0.96930-1Lost by 3
@ Vikings
T17Chargers0.96930-1Lost by 2
@ Raiders
T17Rams0.96930-1Lost by 4
@ Lions
T17Seahawks0.96930-1Lost by 4
@ Cardinals
T17Panthers0.96930-1Lost by 6
@ Buccaneers
22Steelers0.81830-1Lost by 12
@ Broncos
23Browns0.78750-1Lost by 1
vs Eagles
24Giants0.67160-1Lost by 7
vs Cowboys
T25Saints0.67030-1Lost by 8
vs Redskins
T25Packers0.67030-1Lost by 8
vs 49ers
T27Colts0.62000-1Lost by 20
@ Bears
T27Bills0.62000-1Lost by 20
@ Jets
T27Dolphins0.62000-1Lost by 20
@ Texans
30Bengals0.59860-1Lost by 31
@ Ravens
31Chiefs0.51000-1Lost by 16
vs Falcons
32Titans0.50210-1Lost by 21
vs Patriots


It's just one game into the season, with 16 more weeks to play, but I think we do have the start to some answers that I asked in the game picks:

  • The Giants looked a lot more like the regular season version than their playoff version Wednesday night.

  • The Saints look like they are in a lot of trouble. Their defense gave up 464 yards on Sunday, which gives them (at least for the week, but against some stiff competition) the worst defense of the 2012 season so far.

  • The five rookie quarterbacks starting Sunday were a combined 1-4 this week. Robert Griffin III (2 tds 0 ints) and Russell Wilson (1 td 1 int) were the only ones not to throw at least 3 interceptions. We'll see how this plays out over the season, but it's hardly a resounding recommendation for starting a rookie QB right from day 1.

  • Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, and MJD all seemed to be back to their old selves. Brian Urlacher was a non-factor in the Bears' game, but at least for one week, that didn't matter.

  • As for the Packers defense... oh, brother. Is it possible it's gotten worse? Yet another game they gave up over 350 yards, and that to a 49ers team that has just a handful of 350+ yard games on the road outside the division in the last decade.

One other item of note: this is the first time since 1990 that the 49ers have beat the Packers in the regular season.