Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NFL: Week 7 Pick Results

Winning teams in bold.

Unanimous Picks (7-4)


Bills @ Ravens
Jaguars @ Chiefs
Bengals @ Falcons
Eagles @ Titans
Cardinals @ Seahawks
Vikings @ Packers
Steelers @ Dolphins


49ers @ Panthers
Alex Smith left the game early in the second half, and backup David Carr was not effective in replacement. Other than that, there's not much to say about this game, except it was two bad teams playing, and (barring a tie) one of them had to win.
Raiders @ Broncos
If anything went right for the Broncos in this game, it's not apparent from the recaps. When the Raiders had the ball on offense, the Broncos couldn't stop them. When the Broncos had the ball on offense, they were utterly ineffective. It was so bad, the Broncos were down 38-0 before they got their second first down of the game.
Browns @ Saints
You know how I keep saying the Saints are not a top-10 team? Yeah, they're not. And when Drew Brees starts forcing passes trying to make things happen, they're not even a top-20 team.
Redskins @ Bears
Somehow (at least when they win) the Redskins seem to get the very worst performance their opponent can muster, and this game was the best example yet. The Bears offense had an awful game. In their first six drives, they had just one first down. Six of their final seven drives ended in turnovers. Jay Cutler was sacked 4 times, intercepted 4 times, and lost a fumble. The Redskins' offense didn't have much of a game either, but it was enough for the win.

Split (APR: 2-1 SRS: 2-1 Line: 1-2)

Rams (APR, SRS) @ Buccaneers (Line)
For the 6th time in 7 games, the Rams' defense held their opponent to 18 points or less. The problem was, for the 5th time in 7 games, the Rams offense couldn't score more than 17 points.
Patriots (APR, SRS) @ Chargers(Line)
From APR's point of view, the Chargers are a team with just two home wins over very weak teams, and that's what they looked like for most of this game. A late rally nearly made the Patriots defensive collapse (and a failed late 4th-and-1 try) the story of this game, but the Chargers couldn't get it done.
Giants (APR, SRS) @ Cowboys (Line)
The Giants lost the ball 5 times. If Romo had been able to finish the game, the Cowboys should have won easily. As it was, all those turnovers allowed the Cowboys to close to within 6 points before time finally ran out.


APR 9-544-4450.0%
SRS 9-544-4450.0%