Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NFL: Week 13 Pick Results

Winning teams in bold.

Unanimous Picks (10-4)


Saints @ Bengals
Bears @ Lions
Rams @ Cardinals
Falcons @ Buccaneers
Texans @ Eagles
49ers @ Packers
Broncos @ Chiefs
Redskins @ Giants
Panthers @ Seahawks
Jets @ Patriots


Jaguars @ Titans
The Titans face another easy-to-score-on defense, and can only put up 6 points (which, to be sure, is 6 more than last week). And for all the Titans' troubles at quarterback, it should be noted that Chris Johnson is struggling too—53 yards rushing is shockingly low for a guy who put up 2000 yards last year.
Browns @ Dolphins
Chad Henne had another bad game, and this time, the running game wasn't enough to bail him out. (But how on Earth are the Dolphins 1-5 at home, and yet 5-1 on the road? Sheesh.)
Raiders @ Chargers
When the Raiders running game works, it is brutal. In this game, six different players ran for a combined 251 yards. They converted 8/15 third-downs, and 2/2 fourth downs. And now the Chargers are finding out it's really not OK to start a season 2-5.
Cowboys @ Colts
Peyton Manning threw 4 more interceptions, including two that went for touchdowns. And whether it was Manning's fault or his receivers, that kind of performance makes it really hard to win games.

Split (APR: 0-2 SRS: 2-0 Line: 1-1)

Bills (APR) @ Vikings (SRS, Line)
The Vikings' defense had easily their best game of the year, generating 5 fumbles (4 recovered), an interception, a sack, and 6 punts. All those extra chances at the ball, along with a solid running game, helped the Vikings produce their 5th win of the season.
Steelers (SRS) @ Ravens (APR, Line)
A tough defensive game on both sides of the ball. And Troy Polamalu made the play of the game stripping Joe Flacco of the ball, and setting up the Steelers' offense for a chance at the game-winning score.


APR 10- 6 96-80-054.5%
APR VH10- 6 92-84-052.3%
SRS 12- 4101-75-057.4%
SRS VH 7- 9 93-82-153.1%
Line 11- 5112-64-063.6%