Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NFL: Week 15 Pick Results

Winning teams in bold.

Unanimous Picks (7-2)


Falcons @ Seahawks
Bears @ Vikings
49ers @ Chargers
Broncos @ Raiders
Redskins @ Cowboys
Saints @ Ravens
Packers @ Patriots


Jets @ Steelers
The Jets had their best game offensively since Thanksgiving, but mostly because that isn't a very high bar to clear. It didn't seem like it was any one thing that lost this game for the Steelers—just a steady accumulation of mistakes (including a safety and special teams touchdown) that finally added up to more than the Steelers could overcome.
Bills @ Dolphins
Part of this was lack of production from the Dolphins' running game (65 yards on 19 carries). But part of it was flat out bad play calling. The Dolphins missed four field goals, none shorter than 48 yards. They never went for it on 4th down.

Split (APR: 2-5 SRS: 5-2 Line: 4-3)

Cardinals (APR, SRS) @ Panthers (Line)
You know what helps when you have to start a rookie quarter back? A solid running game. The Panthers' Jonathan Stewart rushed for 137 yards, which made Jimmy Clausen's job a lot easier. The Cardinals, on the other hand, generated a total of 43 yards rushing on 17 carries, which made John Skelton's job much, much harder.
Browns (APR, SRS) @ Bengals (Line)
The Carson Palmer (14/23, 209 yards passing), and Cedric Benson (150 yards rushing) had perhaps their best game of the season, though somehow producing only 19 points. For the Browns, Colt McCoy (19/25, 243 yards, 2 TD) was a big improvement over Jake Delhomme, but Peyton Hillis only got 59 yards rushing, and the Browns couldn't quite overcome the Bengals lead.
Jaguars (APR) @ Colts (SRS, Line)
Just 3 plays into the second half, the Jaguars were down 4 points, and facing 4th+1 at their own 38 yard line. The Jaguars have to be agressive to beat Manning and the Colts in their own stadium, so they decide to go for it. But instead of a QB sneak, it's some kind of a botched hand-off, Colts ball. And 2 plays later, the Jaguars are down 11 points.
The Jaguars did manage to close within 3 late in the game, but that failed conversion (along with the subsequent defensive breakdown) is really why the Jaguars lost.
Texans (APR) @ Titans (SRS, Line)
Apparently the answer is "Yes, Kenny Britt really does mean that much to the Titans' offense". Kerry Collins passed for 237 yards, mostly on passes caught by Kenny Britt. And when the passign game works, that opens up the running game for Chris Johnson (130 yards), and generally makes it a lot easier for the Titans to score.
Lions (SRS) @ Buccaneers (APR, Line)
Have the Lions finally turned the corner? Last week, they won their first division game since October 2007. Now, they have their first road win and first back-to-back wins since that same date.
Chiefs (APR, SRS) @ Rams (Line)
The Rams' offense was just terrible in this game. Between their opening drive and their late touchdown, the Rams longest drive was just 21 yards. They did get a touchdown late to close within 7, but their defense gave that up almost immediately on two runs by Jamaal Charles.
Eagles (APR, SRS) @ Giants (Line)
There's no shortage of mistakes in this game, and not just on special teams. The Giants offense could have run a lot more time off the clock on their penultimate drive. The Giants defense let the Eagles drive 88 yards in 8 plays (including a 3rd+10 conversion) for the tying score. And on the Giants final drive, Eli Manning threw incomplete twice before getting sacked on 3rd down, so they couldn't just let the clock expire and go to overtime—they were forced to punt, with the accompanying disastrous result.


APR 9-7117-91-056.2%
APR VH 8-8112-96-053.8%
SRS 12-4123-85-059.1%
SRS VH 9-7110-97-153.1%
Line 11-5136-72-065.4%