Monday, January 3, 2011

NFL: Week 17 Pick Results

Winning teams in bold.

Unanimous Picks (11-4)


Chargers @ Broncos
Steelers @ Browns
Giants @ Redskins
Panthers @ Falcons
Dolphins @ Patriots
Bengals @ Ravens
Titans @ Colts
Cardinals @ 49ers
Bills @ Jets
Bears @ Packers
Vikings @ Lions


Cowboys @ Eages
As promised, the battle of the backups. The Eagles might have won anyway, except Kevin Kolb had a wretched game, throwing three interceptions, and losing a fumble the Cowboys turned into a touchdown.
Buccaneers @ Saints
The Saints played their starters in this game, but you have to wonder how hard they tried once they saw the Falcons open up a dominating lead on the Panthers.

Raiders @ Chiefs
The Chiefs played their starters too, but didn't seem to be trying at all. On Michael Bush's touchdown run, the Chief's defense just parted like the Red Sea, leaving him a nice wide lane to walk into the endzone virtually untouched.
Rams @ Seahawks
If Sam Bradford had some receivers who could catch his long passes, this might have gone differently. But even now, the Seahawks can be a tough team to play at home. And the Rams, in spite of their resurgence, only have 2 road wins this year.

Split (APR: 0-1 SRS: 1-0 Line: 0-1)

Jaguars (APR, Line) @ Texans (SRS)
David Garrard and Maurice Jones-Drew are the biggest keys to the Jaguars offense, and they were both out.


APR 11-5135-105-056.2%
APR VH 9-7128-112-053.3%
SRS 12-4142- 98-059.2%
SRS VH10-6129-110-154.0%
Line 11-5156- 84-065.0%