Friday, August 31, 2012

NFL Preseason Notes

Here's a few stats I thought were interesting on the preseason results:

The Seahawks and Eagles were undefeated. The Bills, Dolphins, and Jets went winless (and the AFC East was 1-15 as a group).

Most points scoredFewest points scored
Seahawks 122Jets 31
Ravens 108Dolphins 43
Eagles 106Patriots 55
Steelers 104Bills 59
Lions 102Buccaneers60
Texans 101Chiefs 61
Jaguars 100Raiders 61
Most points allowedFewest points allowed
Bills 119Seahawks44
Cardinals(*)11949ers 53
Chiefs 116Giants 58
Jaguars 117Redskins59
Bears 99Eagles 60
Dolphins 96Cowboys 60

(*)Through 5 games

Highest net pointsLowest net points
Seahawks 78Bills -60
Eagles 46Jets -57
Redskins 39Chiefs -55
49ers 37Dolphins -53
Steelers 33Buccaneers-35


  • Are the Seahawks a breakout team this year? Most points scored and fewest points allowed can't be a total coincidence. On the other hand, rookie QB Russell Wilson will almost certainly struggle when he starts to face defenses that are actually game planning for him, and not holding back on their playbook.

  • It's hard to come to any conclusion except that the Jets are in big trouble going into this season. If they average 8 points a game starting next week, Rex Ryan will be fired by November.

  • I wonder how much teams really hold back on what they can do in the preseason, just so it can be a "surprise" in the regular season. It seems to me this kind of tactic gets you one game (at best), and denies you opportunity to practice at full speed against a motivated opponent.

  • This sort of thing is particularly unconvincing in the case of teams like the 49ers, who struggled offensively last year. If they're struggling offensively in the preseason, my first thought is not "oh, they must be holding back".

  • Also, Joe Buck? Whoever told you that beard looks good on you was lying.