Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NFL Week 5 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (7-2)


Ravens @ Chiefs
Bears @ Jaguars
Falcons @ Redskins
Texans @ Jets
Bills @ 49ers
Titans @ Vikings
Browns @ Giants


Cardinals @ Rams
Ladies and gentlemen, the Cardinals offense: three trips into the red zone, with nothing to show for it. A 56% completion rate, nine sacks, and a missed field goal. Still, they were in it until late, and could've come away with a 12-10 win except the Cardinals' defense somehow let Sam Bradford (who mostly had a very poor night) throw a couple touchdown passes, the second one finally putting the game out of reach.
Packers @ Colts
Something happened to the Packers (injuries perhaps), and they just collapsed in the second half of this game. The offense couldn't move the ball (their longest 2nd-half drive was 49 yards), and the defense couldn't stop the Colts offense at all. As a result, they got outscored 27-6, and went home with yet another loss.

Split Picks: (APR: 2-3, SRS: 2-3, Line: 3-2)

Seahawks (APR, SRS) @ Panthers (Line)
The Seahawks' defense shut down the Panthers. The Panthers had 4 drives that posted negative yardage, and only 3 drives that went longer than 16 yards. The Seahawks offense didn't light things up, but with a defensive performance like that, they didn't need to.
Dolphins (SRS) @ Bengals (APR, Line)
Do the Dolphins have a good defense? They sure did a good job of stopping the Bengals in this game: 6 punts, 2 interceptions and a lost fumble meant that way too many of the Bengals' drives ended without a score. The Dolphins' offense wasn't spectacular, but it was good enough to stay ahead of the Bengals.
Eagles (APR, SRS) @ Steelers (Line)
Turnovers finally cost the Eagles a close game. An early Eagles' fumble lost in the end-zone cost them at least a field goal, and probably a touchdown. An absolutely critical error in a close game like this one.
Broncos (SRS) @ Patriots (APR, Line)
For the Broncos, a couple of crushing turnovers, and a general lack of defensive production let the Patriots sprint out to a 31-7 lead. The Broncos managed something of a late come-back, but it was probably too little, too late, even before a late lost fumble put an end to it.
Chargers (APR, SRS) @ Saints (Line)
The Saints' offense is still very good; their problem has been their defense has been unable to hold a lead. This time, the Saints' defense managed to hold the Chargers scoreless for most of the second half, which allowed their offense to erase a 10-point deficit, pull ahead, and secure their first win of the season.


APR 9-5 34-2755.7%
SRS 9-5 33-2854.1%
Line 10-4 38-2362.3%