Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NFL Week 7 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (7-1)


Cowboys @ Panthers
Packers @ Rams
Redskins @ Giants
Ravens @ Texans
Jaguars @ Raiders
Jets @ Patriots
Lions @ Bears


Titans @ Bills
This was a defense-optional game, with both teams combining for 772 yards of total offense. Buffalo scored 7 times, but twice settled for field goals. That, along with a critical late turnover, was the difference in the game.

Split Picks: (APR: 1-4, SRS: 2-3, Line: 5-0)

The Line gets all split picks right!

Saints (Line) @ Buccaneers (APR, SRS)
The Saints' had their best offensive effort of the season (458 total yards and 5 touchdowns). The Saints' defense did manage a critical goal line stand, but their overall numbers (513 total yards, 4 touchdowns, and no turnovers) suggest that they still have a long ways to go to be in contention.
Steelers (SRS, Line) @ Bengals (APR)
I think Tony Dungy was right in the pre-game when he said the Bengals' lack of a legitimate second receiver is a problem for them. The Steelers' defense was able to make A.J. Green a complete non-factor, and the Bengals didn't have anyone else to step up in response.
Browns (SRS) @ Colts (APR, Line)
There was a lot of offensive futility for both teams in this game. 13 combined drives ended with a punt, turnover on downs, or the half ending. This was a coin-flip game, and could've gone either way. The Colts managed 3 scoring drives which gave them the edge over the Browns' 2 scores.
Seahawks (APR) @ 49ers (SRS, Line)
Facing a good defense, Russell Wilson was back to his old self. A 39% completion rate and just 122 yards passing meant that only two of the Seahawks' drives went longer than 37 yards. The 49ers didn't do a lot better, but their strong defense meant that 13 points was enough to get them by the Seahawks.
Cardinals (APR, SRS) @ Vikings (Line)
The Cardinals had their chances in this game, and their defense held Christian Ponder largely in check. But they couldn't stop Adrian Peterson (153 yards rushing), and couldn't overcome their own troubles on offense, including 7 sacks and a disasterous interception returned for a touchdown.


APR 8-5 46-4252.3%
SRS 9-4 47-4153.4%
Line 12-1 56-3263.6%