Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NFL Week 10 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (8-5-1)


Colts @ Jaguars
Broncos @ Panthers
Cowboys @ Eagles
Bills @ Patriots
Raiders @ Ravens
Chargers @ Buccaneers
Jets @ Seahawks
Chiefs @ Steelers


Giants @ Bengals
Once again, Eli Manning is getting the blame, and he certainly earned his share (that second interception, in particular, was just inexcusable). But he wasn't getting any help from the running game (almost non-existent before garbage time), the defense (who let A.J. Green get free for the Bengals first touchdown), or the special teams (who gave up a long Adam Jones punt return that set the Bengals up for their second touchdown).
Falcons @ Saints
The Falcons don't have a high-scoring offense—they've only scored more than 27 points in 2 games this season. And they don't have a particularly dominating defense—they've only held their opponents under 17 points in 2 games. That means they're in trouble any time they face an opponent who can score a lot of points, even when it's a team like the Saints who continue to give up yards (but not points!) at a record-setting pace.
Lions @ Vikings
The Vikings may not be a great team this year, but when you can't stop Adrian Peterson (171 yards and a TD) or Christian Ponder (221 yards and 2 TD), they become a very dangerous opponent.
Titans @ Dolphins
I'm not sure what to say about this game. The Titans had given up at least 19 points to every opponent, and failed to score more than 20 points in their 6 losses. This is a game the Dolphins should've won easily, especially at home. Instead, it was the Dolphins who couldn't gain yards, turned over the ball, and let the Titans score again and again.
Texans @ Bears
The Bears' defense did their job, holding the Texans to 13 points and generating 2 turnovers. But the Bears underperforming offense means they become very beatable when the defense and special teams doesn't make turnovers directly into scores.


Rams @ 49ers (Tie)
This was the 49er defense's worst performance of the season. The most passing yards (458) and most rushing yards (159) allowed of any game this season. These are also near-season highs for the Rams' offense. This was just the worst performance of the 49ers defense in a long while, and they should be glad to come away with this game as a tie, instead of a loss.

Split Picks:



APR 8-5-1 75-54-158.1%
SRS 8-5-1 75-54-158.1%
Line 8-5-1 82-47-163.5%