Monday, December 24, 2012

NFL Week 16 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (9-4)


Falcons @ Lions
Patriots @ Jaguars
Redskins @ Eagles
Colts @ Chiefs
Bears @ Cardinals
Browns @ Broncos
Titans @ Packers
Raiders @ Panthers
Bills @ Dolphins


Vikings @ Texans
Somehow the Texans' offense just never got going against the Vikings pretty average defense. The Texans didn't have a single drive go 50 yards, and only had 3 go longer than 28. A big part of that was lack of production in the rushing game. This is the first time the Texans have been held under 40 yards rushing since 2010.
Rams @ Buccaneers
Another really bad game for the Buccaneers' offense. Josh Freeman threw 4 interceptions and was sacked 5 times. Factor in a lost fumble, and only 80 yards of rushing, and it's another ugly loss for the Bucs.
Giants @ Ravens
Not a great day for the Giants' offense (150 yards passing and 67 yards rushing), but for the second time in as many games, their defense was a major problem. The Ravens had a season-high 553 yards of offense in this game, and no turnovers. You're just not going to beat the Ravens if you let Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, and rookie Bernard Pierce all have big games.

49ers @ Seahawks
The 49ers defense just didn't show up for this game. They had one sack, one interception, and gave up 5 touchdown drives, all but one at least 60 yards long. The 49ers won't last long in the playoffs against anybody if they make it a habit of giving up 5 touchdowns every game.

Split Picks: (APR: 2-1, SRS: 3-0, Line: 0-3)

Bengals (APR, SRS) @ Steelers (Line)
If you want to make the case that the Steelers made a mistake firing OC Bruce Arians, this game would be a good place to start. The Steelers managed only two drives longer than 45 yards, and could only score 10 points on the Bengals. The Steelers' defense held the Bengals' offense to just 6 points, but a Roethlisberger pick-6 was enough to make the difference.
Chargers (SRS) @ Jets (APR, Line)
If Greg McElroy is the answer for the Jets, he didn't show it in this game. A 50% completion rate, an interception, and sacked 11 times. Even the Chargers can win against an offense like that.
Saints (APR, SRS) @ Cowboys (Line)
As I noted earlier, in spite of their awful defense, Saints still win games as long as Drew Brees has a good game. In this game, Brees threw for 446 yards, 3 touchdowns, and was never sacked. The Saints are now 7-0 when Brees has a passer rating over 110, and the Cowboys are 1-6 when they give up 27 or more points.


APR 11-5 139-84-162.3%
SRS 12-4 136-87-160.9%
Line 9-7 143-80-164.1%