Monday, December 31, 2012

NFL Week 17 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (10-4)


Bears @ Lions
Chiefs @ Broncos
Cardinals @ 49ers
Eagles @ Giants
Dolphins @ Patriots
Rams @ Seahawks
Jaguars @ Titans
Raiders @ Chargers
Cowboys @ Redskins
Browns @ Steelers


Buccaneers @ Falcons
The Falcons played their starters the whole game, so this loss can't be blamed on resting key players. But for whatever reason, the Falcons came out very flat. Their offense only had 2 drives longer than 37 yards, and their defense gave up 4 long drives that all ended in scores.
Panthers @ Saints
The Saints defense had their worst game of the season, giving up a season-high 530 yards and near season high 44 points. Drew Brees had a very good game, but was not able to score points as fast as his defense was giving them up.
Packers @ Vikings
Adrian Peterson had another career day. But the difference between this game and the Vikings-Packers match up from week 13 is that Christian Ponder (234 yards and 3 touchdowns passing) had a very good game. As long as Ponder is able to be that good passing, the Vikings are going to be a very, very tough out in the playoffs.
Texans @ Colts
The Texans' offense didn't look good in this game: they settled for field goal tries too many times, Matt Schaub threw a couple critical interceptions, and the once-vaunted Texans defense couldn't stop the Colts from running ou the final 9:46(!) of the 4th quarter. A stunning loss for a team that for most of the season had the best record in the AFC.

Split Picks: (APR: 1-1, SRS: 0-2, Line: 2-0)

Jets (APR, SRS) @ Bills (Line)
The Jets offense couldn't get the ball in the end zone (they were 0/3 in the red zone), Mark Sanchez through another pick 6, and the Jets' defense gave up 3 sustained touchdown drives.
Ravens (SRS) @ Bengals (APR, Line)
As expected, this was a battle of the backups after brief cameos by Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, and a number of other key starters.


Another pretty decent season for APR.

APR 11-5 150-89-162.7%
SRS 10-6 146-93-161.0%
Line 12-4 155-84-164.8%