Monday, September 9, 2013

NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

W-LThis Week
1Dolphins1.14481-0Won by 13
@ Browns
2Titans1.14471-0Won by 7
@ Steelers
3Lions1.13861-0Won by 10
vs Vikings
T 4Patriots1.08281-0Won by 2
@ Bills
T 4Eagles1.08281-0Won by 6
@ Redskins
T 4Seahawks1.08281-0Won by 5
@ Panthers
T 4Texans1.08281-0Won by 3
@ Chargers
T 8Saints1.07701-0Won by 6
vs Falcons
T 849ers1.07701-0Won by 6
vs Packers
T 8Bears1.07701-0Won by 3
vs Bengals
T 8Jets1.07701-0Won by 1
vs Buccaneers
T 8Colts1.07701-0Won by 4
vs Raiders
T 8Rams1.07701-0Won by 3
vs Cardinals
T 8Cowboys1.07701-0Won by 5
vs Giants
15Chiefs1.07641-0Won by 26
@ Jaguars
16Broncos1.07521-0Won by 22
vs Ravens
T17Cardinals0.96930-1Lost by 3
@ Rams
T17Buccaneers0.96930-1Lost by 1
@ Jets
T17Falcons0.96930-1Lost by 6
@ Saints
T17Giants0.96930-1Lost by 5
@ Cowboys
T17Packers0.96930-1Lost by 6
@ 49ers
T17Raiders0.96930-1Lost by 4
@ Colts
T17Bengals0.96930-1Lost by 3
@ Bears
24Vikings0.82170-1Lost by 10
@ Lions
T25Chargers0.78750-1Lost by 3
vs Texans
T25Bills0.78750-1Lost by 2
vs Patriots
T25Panthers0.78750-1Lost by 5
vs Seahawks
T25Redskins0.78750-1Lost by 6
vs Eagles
29Steelers0.67160-1Lost by 7
vs Titans
30Browns0.66350-1Lost by 13
vs Dolphins
31Ravens0.61610-1Lost by 22
@ Broncos
32Jaguars0.49420-1Lost by 26
vs Chiefs


  • As usual, don't read too much into these rankings. The Dolphins, Titans, and Lions have a lot of work to do to prove they deserve a spot in the top 5, and it'll be a major shock if the Ravens spend much time in the bottom 5.

  • For the second season in a row, the Chargers have let a 3-score, second half lead slip away at home on Monday Night Football. That's gotta hurt.

  • Last year Two years ago (jeeze, time flys!), the Bills' defense won them a few games before collapsing down the stretch. In this game, they frustrated the normally high-powered Patriots for much of the game, who needed a last-second field goal for their game-winning margin.

  • The Panthers' defense looked pretty good for much of the game, too, but with just 7 points on the board, all it took was one busted play that let the Seahawks score a long touchdown, and that gave the Seahawks the game.

  • Other than a horrendous interception thrown by Carson Palmer, the Cardinals' offense looked better than anything they did last year. But their defense really wasn't the same either, and the offense just wasn't able to keep up with the 27 points the Rams put on the board.

  • The Packers actually looked as good against the 49ers as they did in either of their meetings last season. Ultimately, their lack of pass defense gave Colin Kaepernick 412 yards passing, which gave the 49ers the lead for most of the game, including when time expired.