Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NFL Week 4 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (4-2)


Colts @ Jaguars
Seahawks @ Texans
Giants @ Chiefs
Eagles @ Broncos


Cardinals @ Buccaneers
This was not a good game by either offense. The Cardinals had one drive longer than 42 yards, the Bucs had one drive longer than 41 yards. Three turnovers gave the Cardinals 3 short fields and 13 points. That's all they needed to win in this game.
Cowboys @ Chargers
The Cowboys scored 21 points in the second quarter. The problem was, they scored 0 points in the first, third, and fourth quarters. The Cowboys don't have a very good offense, and the Chargers did a good job of exploiting that, especially in the second half, where the Cowboys only had the ball 4 times.

Split Picks: (APR 3-6, SRS 6-3, Line 4-5)

Redskins (Line) @ Raiders (APR, SRS)
Matt Flynn had a terrible game. Along with a pick 6 and a lost fumble, he only lead the Raiders on two drives longer than 36 yards. RG3 still didn't look that great, but with a solid effort from Alfred Morris and Roy Helu running the ball, it was enough to win this game.
Jets (APR, SRS) @ Titans (Line)
I'm still not totally sold on the Titans as a good defensive team, but they sure made Geno Smith look like a very green rookie in this game, with 2 interceptions, 2 lost fumbles, 5 sacks, and averaging just 6.1 yards per pass attempt.
Steelers (Line) "@" Vikings (APR, SRS) (London)
Adrian Peterson ran for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns on the Steelers defense. Also, Matt Cassel is a better quarterback than Christian Ponder.
49ers (SRS, Line) @ Rams(APR)
The good news is their defense found an offense they could stop (the Rams had 188 yards on offense), and a defense they could run the ball on (the 49ers had 219 yards rushing). Unlike the Colts last week, the Rams weren't able to keep up with the 49ers offense, or even really keep the game close.
Ravens (APR, Line) @ Bills (SRS)
The Bills' defense intercepted Joe Flacco 5 times, and the Bills' running backs rushed for 203 yards. That's a recipe for winning, even with a struggling rookie quarterback.
Patriots (APR, SRS) @ Falcons (Line)
Last year, the Falcons played a lot of games where they didn't score much in the second half. That trend has continued this year, except now, it's costing them games. (Even the Rams came close to tying them at the end of that game.)
Bengals (Line) @ Browns (APR, SRS)
Remember how I said the Browns could win some games if they could ever get going on offense? It looks like Brian Hoyer might be the spark they were looking for: 269 yards passing, 2 touchdowns, along with a solid defensive effort gave the Browns their second win of the season.
Bears (APR, SRS) @ Lions (Line)
The Bears have faced a couple of pretty bad teams, so they may not be quite as good as their (now) 3-1 record. And the Lions, especially when Reggie Bush is on the field and productive, are much better than they were last year.
Dolphins (APR, Line) @ Saints (SRS)
So the Dophins defense falls back to Earth. Not too surprising, considering that the Saints offense has been really good, even last year when Sean Payton was away.


Somehow SRS comes out smelling like roses this week.

APR 7- 8 29-1861.7%
SRS 10- 5 30-1763.8%
Line 8- 7 30-1763.8%