Monday, September 8, 2014

NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

W-LThis Week
149ers1.14481-0Won by 11
@ Cowboys
2Bengals1.14471-0Won by 7
@ Ravens
3Texans1.13861-0Won by 11
vs R*dskins
4Dolphins1.13861-0Won by 13
vs Patriots
5Broncos1.13861-0Won by 7
vs Colts
6Titans1.08771-0Won by 16
@ Chiefs
T 7Bills1.08281-0Won by 3
@ Bears
T 7Panthers1.08281-0Won by 6
@ Buccaneers
9Eagles1.08071-0Won by 17
vs Jaguars
10Seahawks1.07741-0Won by 20
vs Packers
T11Steelers1.07701-0Won by 3
vs Browns
T11Cardinals1.07701-0Won by 1
vs Chargers
T11Falcons1.07701-0Won by 3
vs Saints
T11Jets1.07701-0Won by 5
vs Raiders
15Lions1.07631-0Won by 21
vs Giants
16Vikings1.07411-0Won by 28
@ Rams
T17Saints0.96930-1Lost by 3
@ Falcons
T17Browns0.96930-1Lost by 3
@ Steelers
T17Chargers0.96930-1Lost by 1
@ Cardinals
T17Raiders0.96930-1Lost by 5
@ Jets
21Colts0.82660-1Lost by 7
@ Broncos
22R*dskins0.82000-1Lost by 11
@ Texans
23Patriots0.81670-1Lost by 13
@ Dolphins
T24Buccaneers0.78750-1Lost by 6
vs Panthers
T24Bears0.78750-1Lost by 3
vs Bills
26Ravens0.67160-1Lost by 7
vs Bengals
27Cowboys0.66620-1Lost by 11
vs 49ers
28Jaguars0.62580-1Lost by 17
@ Eagles
29Packers0.62000-1Lost by 20
@ Seahawks
30Giants0.61800-1Lost by 21
@ Lions
31Chiefs0.51000-1Lost by 16
vs Titans
32Rams0.49110-1Lost by 28
vs Vikings


  • As usual, don't take this too seriously. Note that winning teams are ranked 1-16, and losing teams are ranked 17-32.

  • Well, the Packers managed to make things interesting for at least a little while, but the defense doesn't seem like it's any better than last year, and losing OT Bulaga was a huge blow.

    The good news is, Bulaga's injury isn't that bad, the Seahawks are probably the toughest opponent the Packers will face in the regular season, and there's lots of time to fix what's wrong.

  • I'm not sure how much to read into the Vikings and Lions respective victories this week. Their opponents looked pretty overmatched. And in the Rams were playing their 3rd string QB by the second half.

  • As a conference, the AFC looked pretty bad last year, and are not off to a good start this year. None of the AFC playoff teams looked dominant. The Broncos, Patriots, and Bengals all got outscored in the second halves of their respective games, and the Colts, Chargers and Cheifs all lost.

    Like I said above, there's still a lot of football left to play, but I'm not sure I'd pick any AFC team to win the Super Bowl right now.