Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NFL Week 7 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (8-3)


Cardinals @ Raiders
Jets @ Patriots
Vikings @ Bills
Saints @ Lions
Panthers @ Packers
Bengals @ Colts
Giants @ Cowboys
49ers @ Broncos


Chiefs @ Chargers
The Chargers win when they score 22+ points (which they've done 5 times this season) and the Chiefs lose when they give up 22+ points (which they've done 3 times this season), so easy pick, right?
But in this game, the Chiefs defense held the Chargers to just two touchdown drives and two field goals (thanks in part to the offense holding onto the ball for 39 minutes). That gave the Chiefs an opportunity to stay in the game, and in classic football cliche style, win the game in the fourth quarter.
Seahawks @ Rams
Of course, the Rams got a big boost from their special teams, But for the second week in a row, the Seahawks offense struggled to move the ball, posting 5 drives 41 yards or shorter. They had three sustained drives late, but ran out of time before they could complete a comeback.
Browns @ Jaguars
The Browns offense couldn't get anything going in this game, punting 7 times and turning the ball over on downs three times. Still, they were only down 6-7 late in the fourth quarter when a couple turnovers gave the Jags short fields that they turned into easy touchdowns.

Split Picks: (APR 0-3, SRS 2-1, Line 2-1)

Wow, maybe the ugliest week ever for APR on split picks.

Dolphins (SRS) @ Bears (APR, Line)
I think the Dolphins have an underrated defense, and when they face a struggling offense like the Bears, it can swing a game their way. The Bears had 3 turnovers, and other than their two touchdowns, their longest drive went 35 yards. The Dolphins offense isn't gonna set any records this season, but it didn't take a lot for them to finish ahead of the Bears in this game.
Titans (APR) @ Washington (SRS, Line)
A close game against a couple mediocre teams. Washington actually had 115 more yards of offense, so this is a game they should win as long as they don't make any big mistakes. Colt McCoy only threw for 128 yards in the second half, but he only threw incomplete once, and didn't throw any interceptions. That was enough to give them a 2 point victory over the Titans.
Texans (APR, SRS) @ Steelers (Line)
Well, the Texans established an early 13-0 lead, and could've won this game. But two turnovers deep in their own end gave the Steelers a couple easy touchdowns, and it was more than the Texans could overcome.


APR 8- 6 53-32-162.2%
SRS 10- 4 52-33-161.0%
Line 10- 4 58-27-168.0%