Monday, October 20, 2008

NFL Week 7 Pick Results

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Line picks counted correct when the favored team wins; they do not have to beat the spread to count as a win.

Pick results for week 7.

Unanimous picks (7-4)

Correctly picked:

Titans @ Chiefs
Steelers @ Bengals
Lions @ Texans
49ers @ Giants
Vikings @ Bears
Browns @ Redskins
Seahawks @ Buccaneers

Not so much:

  • Cowboys @ Rams
    Brad Johnson will no doubt get his share of the blame for this, but Marion Barber lost a critical early fumble, and the defense only forced the Rams to punt once in the first half. This is just not the same Cowboys that got the #1 seed last year.

  • Jets @ Raiders
    The Jets' offense did not have a good day. 8 drives went 30 yards or less. The Raiders were nearly as bad; they just (barely) managed to hang on to their win.

  • Colts @ Packers
    The Colts still have major issues. Peyton Manning was just 50% on completions, with a couple of back-breaking interceptions. The Colts defense didn't force the Packers to punt until the 3rd quarter (and then special teams gave up the 1st down on a delay of game penalty). The Colts gave up 110 yards on 12 penalties.

    On the other side, Aaron Rodgers did a good job finding open recievers: 8 Packers caught the ball at least once, though none had more than 37 yards receiving.

  • Chargers @ Bills

Split Picks (APR 1-2) (SRS 1-2) (Line 2-1)

  • Ravens (SRS) @ Dolphins (APR, Line)
    Apparently the Ravens were not fooled by direct snaps to running backs. And the Dolphins' win over the Chargers is starting to seem like a long time ago.

  • Broncos (APR, SRS) @ Patriots (Line)
    The only road game the Broncos have won this season was week 1 at the Raiders. Two interceptions and a non-existant run defense doesn't change that in Foxboro. Somehow, they're still at the top of the AFC West, but that can't last long.

  • Saints (SRS) @ Panthers (APR, Line)
    The NFC South seems to have the football version of rock/scissors/paper going: Saints beat Bucs, Bucs beat Panthers, Panthers beat Bucs. Of course, for the Saints, that week 1 win over the Bucs is getting to be a long time ago.


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