Monday, November 3, 2008

NFL Week 9 Pick Results

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Line picks counted correct when the favored team wins; they do not have to beat the spread to count as a win.

Pick results for week 9.

Unanimous picks (9-2)

Correctly picked:

Lions @ Bears
Buccaneers @ Chiefs
Eagles @ Seahawks
Falcons @ Raiders
Cardinals @ Rams
Packers @ Titans
Texans @ Vikings
Cowboys @ Giants
Patriots @ Colts

Not so much:

Jaguars @ Bengals
They tried very hard, but the Bengals just couldn't piss away a 21-3 lead (unlike, say, the Chiefs or Lions).

Jets @ Bills
The Jets played defense, ran the ball, and didn't fall apart when Favre threw a pick-6. Some days, that's all you need. Meanwhile, the Bills have gone 2-3 in their last 5, and the AFC is wide open.

Split Picks (APR 3-0) (SRS 3-0) (Line 0-3)

Dolphins (APR, SRS) @ Broncos (Line)
In spite of the fact that the Broncos remain at the top of the AFC West, I think the Broncos are who APR thinks they are (i.e., not very good). Their only win by more than 3 points came week 1 at the Raiders (which continues to be their only road win). The Chargers are only a game behind (thanks in no small part to that blown call in week 2).

Ravens (APR, SRS) @ Browns (Line)
Did the line go for the Browns just because so many people don't like the Ravens? The Ravens are looking a lot better this year, and if Pittsburgh continues to have injury issues, the Ravens will have a real shot at winning the AFC North.

Steelers (APR, SRS) @ Redskins (Line)
The Redskins haven't looked good since their week 5 win at the Eagles. The Steelers have had injury troubles (now including Roethlisberger), but were able to get rolling against the Redskins.


This weekOverall
Line: 9-574-39-1
Unanimous: 9-257-23

A very nice week for APR, including 3 correct picks against the line.

New power rankings, and next weeks picks to come.