Sunday, January 4, 2009

NFL Wildcard Games Pick Results

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Line picks counted correct when the favored team wins; they do not have to beat the spread to count as a win.

Pick results for Wildcard Weekend.

All picks were unanimous.

I thought I was going to be writing about 4 correctly picked games. Hah!

Falcons @ Cardinals: wrong
The Cardinals' defense played their best game of the year. They came up with 2 interceptions, a fumble recovered for a touchdown, and a safety. The Cardinals' offense had a pretty ordinary day, but with the defense playing lights-out, it was enough.

Colts @ Chargers: wrong
In their last 4 meetings, the Colts are now 1-3 vs the Chargers including two playoff games. Scifres (the punter) is clearly the MVP of the game: the Colts had 10 drives start at or inside their 20 yard line, including 4 at or inside the 10. Sproles running game was big too, but all those long fields Manning faced was key to the Chargers holding the Colts to just 17 points.

Ravens @ Dolphins: right
The Ravens weren't bothered by the Wildcat in week 7, and they weren't bothered by it here, either. Through 2006, only one team has won a playoff game and thrown 4 interceptions.

Eagles @ Vikings: right
In the regular season, the Eagles struggled when they couldn't run the ball, which seems like a problem for them going up against Minnesota's run defense. And if the Vikings had been able to hold them to a handful of field goals, it would have been. But Tarvaris Jackson threw a pick-6, and Brian Wesbrook got free for a long touchdown reception, and the Vikings just couldn't catch up.


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