Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NFL: Coaching Fail

PFT: Favre throws illegal crackback block as nightcap

This brings to mind a couple questions:

  • How much practice do you suppose Favre has blocking? And not getting called for holding, or block in the back, or (as in this case), illegal chop block?

  • Favre still has a (supposedly minor) tear in his rotator cuff, and a cracked rib. He's going to be 40 years old in just over a month, and all that wear and tear has to add up. Exactly how much more abuse do the coaches want to subject his body to?

Of course, the really gob-smacking thing about this whole incident is that it was done for a meaningless preseason game. The only way this could have gone worse is if Favre or Eugene Wilson had to be carted off the field with season- or career-ending injuries (though in Favre's case, that's likely a difference without distinction).

The Vikings' coaching staff is in desperate need of some adult supervision. The Vikings have enough raw athletic talent on their team that they'll be able to flat-out power their way to wins against some of the weaker teams on their schedule. But they're bound to struggle when they face talented, prepared and well-coached opponents this season.