Monday, September 13, 2010

NFL: Week 1 Power Rankings

Update: just noticed that the Chargers and Chiefs were missing out of the rankings. Fixed.

This is using a revamped power ranking system, which means that the power values are not comparable to the ones posted in 2008 or 2009. More details later this week.

W-LThis Week
1Packers1.14471-0Won by 7
@ Eagles
2Texans1.13861-0Won by 10
vs Colts
3Giants1.13861-0Won by 13
vs Panthers
T 4Jaguars1.13861-0Won by 7
vs Broncos
T 4Chiefs1.13861-0Won by 7
vs Chargers
6Patriots1.08391-0Won by 14
vs Bengals
T 7Cardinals1.08281-0Won by 4
@ Rams
T 7Ravens1.08281-0Won by 1
@ Jets
T 7Dolphins1.08281-0Won by 5
@ Bills
T10Saints1.07701-0Won by 5
vs Vikings
T10Steelers1.07701-0Won by 6
vs Falcons
T10Buccaneers1.07701-0Won by 3
vs Browns
T10Bears1.07701-0Won by 5
vs Lions
T10Redskins1.07701-0Won by 6
vs Cowboys
T15Titans1.07181-0Won by 25
vs Raiders
T15Seahawks1.07181-0Won by 25
vs 49ers
T17Falcons0.96930-1Lost by 6
@ Steelers
T17Browns0.96930-1Lost by 3
@ Buccaneers
T17Lions0.96930-1Lost by 5
@ Bears
T17Vikings0.96930-1Lost by 5
@ Saints
T17Cowboys0.96930-1Lost by 6
@ Redskins
T22Chargers0.82660-1Lost by 7
@ Chiefs
T22Broncos0.82660-1Lost by 7
@ Jaguars
24Colts0.82170-1Lost by 10
@ Texans
25Panthers0.81670-1Lost by 13
@ Giants
T26Jets0.78750-1Lost by 1
vs Ravens
T26Bills0.78750-1Lost by 5
vs Dolphins
T26Rams0.78750-1Lost by 4
vs Cardinals
29Eagles0.67160-1Lost by 7
vs Packers
30Bengals0.63160-1Lost by 14
@ Patriots
T3149ers0.61020-1Lost by 25
@ Seahawks
T31Raiders0.61020-1Lost by 25
@ Titans


  • As usual, these ranks are based on a the result of single week's worth of games, so don't read too much into it.

  • Also as usual, all 1-0 teams are ranked above all 0-1 teams, and a number of ties in the rankings.

  • I'm going to try a different style of posting from last year. This year, the power rankings will go up right after the last game of the week goes final (as near as I can manage), with the Pick Results following Tuesday.