Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NFL: Week 2 Pick Results

Winning teams in bold.

Unanimous Picks (3-2)


Bills @ Packers
Saints @ 49ers
Texans @ Redskins


Ravens @ Bengals
Joe Flacco: 44% completion rate, 4 interceptions, and a sack. That's pretty much it, right there.
Patriots @ Jets
This is how the Jets were supposed to be this year: dominating on defense, with Sanchez efficient and more confident on the offensive side. The Patriots are looking very similar to last year: good at home; can't buy a win on the road.

Split (APR: 5-6 SRS: 4-7 Line: 6-5)

Eagles (Line) @ Lions (APR, SRS)
It's not surprising that the Eagles leave Detroit with a win. But it can't be good news for their defense that they've given up 59 points in their first two games.
Giants (APR, SRS) @ Colts (Line)
Whatever the Texans did to the Colts last week, the Giants just couldn't make it a repeat performance. 4 sacks, 3 fumbles, and just one drive longer than 35 yards made it a tough day for the younger Manning.
Jaguars (APR, SRS) @ Chargers (Line)
David Garrard was so bad in this game (15/23, 173 yards, 4 interceptions) he was pulled for Luke McCown. In related news, Luke McCown is still in the NFL.
Seahawks (APR, SRS) @ Broncos (Line)
Nothing went right for the Seahawks in this game. When they had the ball, they couldn't keep it (3 interceptions, 1 lost fumble). When they were playing defense, they couldn't get a stop (the Broncos had 5 scoring drives and a 37:27 edge in time of posession).
Rams (APR, SRS) @ Raiders (Line)
The Raiders search for a quarterback continues. And two losses by a combined 6 points for Sam Bradford and the Rams.
Cardinals (APR, SRS) @ Falcons (Line)
I thought the Cardinals' defense would keep them in this a lot more than they did. But maybe they just gave up when they saw how awful the offense was: only one drive longer than 40 yards (and that was a single 80 yard run). This is starting to look like a very long season for the Cardinals.
Buccaneers (APR, SRS) @ Panthers (Line)
APR and SRS picked the Bucs because they won last week, and the Panthers didn't. Why the line liked the Panthers, I cannot say. Matt Moore was terrible last week, and worse this week. He was finally pulled in the 4th quarter after getting sacked for the fourth time.
Chiefs (APR, SRS) @ Browns (Line)
Again, the Chiefs find a way to win on two critical plays: a recovered fumble and an interception return put 10 points on the scoreboard for the Chiefs, and the Browns just don't have enough to overcome.
Dolphins (APR, SRS) @ Vikings (Line)
That is what is known, technically, as "Bad Favre". 3 interceptions, a fumble lost in the end zone, and only 3 drives that went more than 45 yards. The Vikings are starting to look like they might not get to 8 wins this year.
Bears (APR, SRS) @ Cowboys (Line)
Is the Martz system working for the Bears? Cutler was a very efficient 21/29, 227 yards, 3 TD and 0 INT. The Cowboys offense did better than last week, but not enough to keep up with the Bears.
Steelers (APR) @ Titans (SRS, Line)
Make no mistake—this win belongs to the Steelers' defense. Batch and Dixon were a combined 9/17 for 43 yards. If Rothelisberger can put some life in that offense when he comes back, the Steelers will be really hard to beat.


APR 8-8 8- 850.0%
SRS 7-9 7- 943.8%