Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NFL: Week 5 Pick Results

Winning teams in bold.

Unanimous Picks (5-5)


Broncos @ Ravens
Bears @ Panthers
Falcons @ Browns
Jaguars @ Bills
Vikings @ Jets


Giants @ Texans
At this point, the Texans' week 1 win over the Colts has to be regarded as a fluke. While the Giants (at least for the last two weeks) have really come around on defense. That defense recorded three sacks, an interception, and a 2-for-11 3rd down conversion rate. And that makes it a lot easier for the offense to put up enough points for a win.
Packers @ Redskins
You can take your pick of things that went wrong for the Packers in this game: injuries, turnovers, and bad play calling all had their part. One thing that really stands out is the Packers' inability to score points, especially in the second half. They've scored a combined total of 17 second-half points in their last 3 games. And you have to go back to 2004 to find a game the Packers allowed 16 or fewer points, and still lost.
Chargers @ Raiders
The Chargers continue to struggle on the road. Two blocked punts and 3 lost fumbles kept the Raiders in this game, and ultimately gave them the win.
Saints @ Cardinals
Both teams made a lot of mistakes in this game. The difference was, somehow the Cardinals' mistakes never seemed to hurt them. An example: towards the end of the first half, Drew Brees threw a pass from his own endzone, which was tipped and intercepted. On the following drive, Max Hall decides to try to run it in, and gets hit hard enough to lose the ball and his helmet. An alert Cardinals lineman picks up the fumbled ball and carries it into the endzone; touchdown Cardinals.
Buccaneers @ Bengals
Carson Palmer threw three disasterous interceptions. The second one is particularly inexplicable. It came with just 2:28 left in game, and the Bengals up by 7. On 3rd and long, instead of playing to run the clock (and trust their defense which had given up just one touchdown to that point), Carson Palmer threw deep. The Buccaneers intercepted, and scored the tying touchdown on a short field.

Split (APR: 2-2 SRS: 2-2 Line: 2-2)

Rams (APR, SRS) @ Lions (Line)
Apparently I was right in thinking the Lions were under-rated. And the Rams are not (yet) a team likely to come back when things start to go wrong.
Chiefs (APR, SRS) @ Colts (Line)
It's not a huge surprise that the Chiefs 3-0 start turns out to be something of a mirage. What is surprising is that the Colts couldn't put this game away until late in the 4th quarter.
Eagles (APR, SRS) @ 49ers (Line)
The reason the 49ers lost this game is simple: a miserable o-line. Alex Smith was constantly running for his life. A few times, unsuccessfully and for disasterous results.
Titans (APR, SRS) @ Cowboys (Line)
Vince Young threw for 2 touchdowns, and Chris Johnson ran for 2 more. Meanwhile, the Cowboys o-line troubles return: Romo was sacked six times. Add in three interceptions, and the Cowboys just couldn't keep up.


APR 7-729-3148.3%
SRS 7-731-2951.7%