Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NFL Week 8 APR vs. ESPN

What this is

A comparison of APR's Week 8 power rankings with ESPN's rankings for the same week of games. This acts as a sanity check (both ways) to see what teams are over- or underrated.

Only teams that are at least 9 positions apart are listed. The number in parentheses is the difference between APR's rank and ESPN's rank.

Teams ESPN likes more than APR:

Giants (+12)
The Giants barely beat perhaps the worst team in the league (at home, too), and ESPN moves them up 2 spots? Factor in the awful game they had against the Seahawks a few weeks ago, and they really don't seem like a top-10 team to me. With a very tough stretch of their schedule coming up, we should have a pretty good idea of how good (or bad) this team is by early December.
On the bubble:
Nobody closer than +5 (Steelers, Browns)

Teams APR likes more than ESPN:

On the bubble:
Cowboys (-7), Bengals (-7)