Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NFL Week 2 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

The Texans and Cardinals are the only road teams to win this week.

Unanimous Picks (3-5)


Texans @ Jaguars
Titans @ Chargers
Lions @ 49ers


Cardinals @ Patriots
Once again, the Cardinals' special teams (blocked punt) and defense (1 interception and 4 sacks) carried the day. The Patriots offense was held out of the endzone for almost the whole game, and only had one drive longer than 47 yards.
Redskins @ Rams
Has Jeff Fisher already made a difference for the Rams? They came very close to beating the Lions in week 1, and brought everyones' favorite rookie down to Earth in week 2.
Vikings @ Colts
The Vikings are going to need a lot more than 60 yards out of Adrian Peterson to be much of a threat to anybody.
Raiders @ Dolphins
Carson Palmer: 50% completion rate, 1 interception. Reggie Bush: 172 yards rushing, 2 touchdowns. How did the Chargers only get 32 yards rushing against this same Raiders defense?
Cowboys @ Seahawks
The good news for the Cowboys is they didn't lose this game because of late mistakes by Tony Romo. The bad news is this game was off the rails for the Cowboys right from the start. Their first three drives ended with a lost fumble, a blocked punt, and an interception. The Cowboys didn't turn it over after that, but couldn't move the ball at all, either.

Split Picks: (APR: 3-5, SRS: 2-6, Line: 7-1)

Bears (APR, SRS) @ Packers (Line)
Jay Cutler was sacked 7(!) times and threw 4 interceptions. I thought the Bears would have a chance to challenge for the NFC North, but not with that o-line, they won't. In related news, the Colts' defense isn't very good without Dwight Freeney
Buccaneers (APR, SRS) @ Giants (Line)
It's not much of a shock that the Giants managed to beat the Buccaneers at home. It is a shock that they needed 500 yards passing and 25 4th-quarter points to get it done. On a related note, the resurgence of the Buccaneers' defense appears to be greatly exagerated.
Saints (Line) @ Panthers (APR, SRS)
The Saints are just in a tail-spin. Their offense has regressed from last year, and their defense is worst in the league. They're just not going to win many games at all when that defense is giving up 35 or more points every week.
Jets (APR, SRS) @ Steelers (Line)
So, it turns out that the Jets can't score 48 points when they're facing a real defense. And (unsrurpsingly), their defense struggled without Darrelle Revis,
Browns (APR, SRS) @ Bengals (Line)
The good news for Browns' QB Brandon Weeden is he had a much better outing this week (26/37, 322 yards, 2 tds and 0 ints). The bad news is Andy Dalton had a better week. The Browns just aren't good enough to win when their defense gives up 34 points.
Chiefs (SRS) @ Bills (APR, Line)
The Chiefs offense is stil awful. They only had one drive longer than 46 yards before garbage time. And through 2 games, they've given up more points (75) than any other team in the league except the Saints.
Broncos (APR) @ Falcons (SRS, Line)
So I guess this was Manning being bad Manning: 3 interceptions and a lost fumble in the first quarter. The good news was the Falcons were only able to leverage that into 13 points. The bad news was, the Falcons were able to add a couple touchdowns, and the Broncos come back just ran out of time.
Ravens (SRS) @ Eagles (APR, Line)
A surprisingly close game, especially considering the Eagles had 4 more turnovers in this game. But the Ravens had a couple turnovers of their own, and settled too many times for field goals.


APR 6-10 6-1037.5%
SRS 5-11 5-1131.3%
Line 10-6 10-662.5%