Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NFL: Week 8 APR vs ESPN

What this is

A comparison of APR's Week 8 power rankings with ESPN's rankings for the same week of games. This acts as a sanity check (both ways) to see what teams are over- or underrated.

Only teams with the widest differential are listed. The number in parentheses is the difference between APR's rank and ESPN's rank.

Teams ESPN likes more than APR:

Jets (+8)
Somehow ESPN only drops the Jets a single spot after getting absolutely demolished by the Bengals. With losses like that one (and the 25 point loss to the Titans a few weeks ago), the Jets just don't seem like they belong as high as #16.
On the bubble:
Nobody closer than the Colts (+5)

Teams APR likes more than ESPN:

On the bubble:
APR and ESPN both move the Packers (-6) up one spot after their dismantling of the Vikings. I don't really have anything to add over what I said last week. Except that the Bears and Lions are the only opponents left on the Packers' schedule that have winning records. So, especially if they can handle the Cutlerless Bears Monday night, they will have a pretty clear shot to a third consecutive division title.