Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NFL Week 8 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (10-1)


Panthers @ Buccaneers
49ers "@" Jaguars (London)
Packers @ Vikings
Seahawks @ Rams
Browns @ Chiefs
Bills @ Saints
Dolphins @ Patriots
Redskins @ Broncos
Jets @ Bengals
Falcons @ Cardinals


Giants @ Eagles
This is the second week in a row the Eagles offense has seemed... just broken. Yeah, they had to play their inexperienced 3rd string rookie quarterback for most of the game (statistically, he actually did noticably better than last week). But they got no support from the running game (a paltry 48 yards rushing on 19 carries). It just wasn't anywhere near enough, even against the reeling Giants.

Split Picks: (APR 1-1, SRS 1-1, Line 1-1)

Steelers (Line) @ Raiders (APR, SRS)
The Steelers are playing better than they were at the start of the season, but they're still not very good, and it dosn't take many mistakes to put them in a hole they can't get out of. Besides Terrelle Pryor's 93 yard touchdown run, the Raiders also partially blocked a punt, which set them up with a short field they were able to convert into a touchdown. Other than that, the Raiders only had one sustained drive all game. But they got a touchdown out of it, and that was enough to put the game out of reach.
Cowboys (APR, SRS) @ Lions (Line)
Certainly the Cowboys had every chance to win this game, and while their offense had some issues, I think the blame (once again) has to go to the defense. Yeah, they produced 4 turnovers (which the offense didn't do much with). But they also let the Lions score 31 points, mostly in the 4th quarter, and including a final, game winning, 80 yard drive that started with 50 seconds left, and no timeouts for the Lions. That's just a situation where even moderately good defenses don't give up a touchdown.


A very nice week for everybody.

APR 11- 2 61-4358.7%
SRS 11- 2 64-4061.5%
Line 11- 2 67-3764.4%