Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NFL Week 9 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (7-6)


Chiefs @ Bills
Panthers @ Falcons
Titans @ Rams
Colts @ Texans
Vikings @ Cowboys
Buccaneers @ Seahawks
Steelers @ Patriots


Eagles @ Raiders
I'm tempted to credit this to a healthy Nick Foles, and a bad Raiders defense, except that Nick Foles was having a pretty bad game before he left the game against the Cowboys. But maybe Foles was hurt early in the game, well before he actually left. And the Raiders do have a bad defense.
Bears @ Packers
Of course, the headline will be the injury that took Aaron Rodgers out after the opening drive. But the real ugly part for the Packers was their defense. No turnovers, just one sack, 272 yards passing, 171 yards rushing. To cap the evening off, in the fourth quarter, they gave up an 89 yard drive that used up almost 9 minutes of game clock, which denied the Packers' offense any real chance to respond.
Bengals @ Dolphins
I think the Dolphins are (or at least can be) better than their record, and they certainly played that way in this game. Their defense had 3 interceptions, a forced fumble, 5 sacks, and the game winning safety. Their offense wasn't great, but they did enough to get them to a win.
Saints @ Jets
As I said in the game picks, the Saints just aren't the same team on the road. Drew Brees threw a couple interceptions, and the Saints could only manage a couple field goals in the second half. Meanwhile, the Jets turned those interceptions into 10 points, and along with a few other sustained drives, it was enough for the upset.
Chargers @ Redskins
I thought the Chargers were supposed to have a good offense? Only the Raiders scored fewer points on the Redskins' defense. Their defense didn't fare well either, allowing the Redskins a season-high 500 yards on offense. Perhaps Robert Griffin III is recovering more from his injury, and the Redskins are another team better than their record.
Ravens @ Browns
The Browns defense did a very good job shutting down the Ravens, allowing only two drives longer than 35 yards. And the Browns offense managed 4 scoring drives, including 3 touchdowns, which was plenty enough to put the game out of reach.

Split Picks:



In spite of the unanimity, a pretty ugly week this time around.

APR 7- 6 68-4958.1%
SRS 7- 6 71-4660.7%
Line 7- 6 74-4363.2%