Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NFL Week 6 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (10-1-1)


Colts @ Texans
Chargers @ Raiders
Broncos @ Jets
Ravens @ Buccaneers
Lions @ Vikings
Packers @ Dolphins
49ers @ Rams
Washington @ Cardinals
Jaguars @ Titans
Steelers @ Browns


Cowboys @ Seahawks
This has to be the ugliest game the Seahawks have played in a long time. The defense couldn't get off the field (the Cowboys had 4 drives of 71+ yards and held the ball for over 37 minutes of game time) and the offense couldn't get anything started, posting just one drive longer than 24 yards. If the Seahawks hadn't had a touchdown on a blocked punt, this game would've been even uglier for the Seahawks than it was.


Panthers @ Bengals
Mike Nugent is the easy scapegoat here, but mostly what I'm thinking in looking at this game is, didn't the Bengals used to have a defense? Giving up 43 points to the Patriots on the road is one thing, but here they gave up 37 points at home to a Panthers team that's been struggling offensively, and hasn't scored that many points on the road since 2012. Just an ugly effort on the part of their defense.

Split Picks: (APR 1-2, SRS 1-2, Line 2-1)

Patriots (Line) @ Bills (APR, SRS)
No prizes for guessing that the Bills' 2-0 start was a big mirage, or that Kyle Orton wasn't going to carry this team to glory. The Bills were actually in this for much of the game, but too many turnovers on offense, and an inability of the defense to get stops in the second half doomed the Bills to their fate.
Bears (APR, SRS) @ Falcons (Line)
And didn't the Falcons used to have an offense? They only had one drive go more than 33 yards in this game, and join the Jets as the only teams not to score at least 20 points on the Bears this fall. It's starting to look like another long, ugly season for the Falcons.
Giants (APR, SRS) @ Eagles (Line)
That was an amazingly bad performance by the Giants in this game. They didn't have a drive go longer than 18 yards until deep into garbage time.
Meanwhile, it seems kind of weird to say after a 27-0 curb stomping of a divisional opponent, but the Eagles offense didn't really seem that amazing in this game. They really only had 3 sustained drives, and Nick Foles threw a couple more interceptions. In spite of this dominating victory, I'm going to wait a while before pronouncing the Eagles offensive troubles cured.


Another nice week for everybody, thanks to another solid round of unanimous picks. If only Mike Nugent had made that field goal...

APR 11- 3-1 46-26-164.6%
SRS 11- 3-1 43-29-160.4%
Line 12- 2-1 49-23-168.8%