Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 9 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (7-2)


Saints @ Panthers
Eagles @ Texans
Colts @ Giants
Jets @ Chiefs
Buccaneers @ Browns
Jaguars @ Bengals
Raiders @ Seahawks


Rams @ 49ers
The 49ers gave up 8 sacks in this game to a Rams' defense that had 6 on the season prior to Sunday. Whatever the problem is (they've sustained a couple injuries to their offensive line), they need to fix the problem fast, or the 49ers season is over. You just don't win games giving up 8, or even 6 sacks.
Broncos @ Patriots
The Broncos first drive of the second quarter ended with an interception that set the Patriots up with a short field for a touchdown. The Broncos second drive of the second quarter ended up with a punt, that the Patriots returned for a touchdown. The Broncos third drive of the second quarter ended with a missed field goal, which gave the Patriots another short field, which they turned into another touchdown.
The Broncos made some other mistakes in this game, but getting outscored 21 to nothing on three consecutive drives was probably the back breaker.

Split Picks: (APR 1-3, SRS 1-3, Line 3-1)

An ugly week for the algorithms.

Cardinals (APR, SRS) @ Cowboys (Line)
Brandon Weeden is not a good quarterback, even when he has DeMarco Murray in the backfield, and the likes of Jason Witten and Dez Bryant to throw to. Maybe the Cowboys still lose this game if Romo was 100%, but it was hopeless with Weeden under center.
Washington (APR, SRS) @ Vikings (Line)
There were plenty of mistakes to go around in this game, but I've gotta put the loss on Washington's defense. The Vikings scored more than 19 points for just the third time this season. Washington stopped the Vikings 5 times in the first half, but only twice in the second (and that final punt came with just 12 seconds on the game clock).
Chargers (APR, SRS) @ Dolphins (Line)
Wow, what an awful performance by the Chargers offense. They just couldn't move the ball at all. After their opening drive, their longest possession went 23 yards, and that came deep into garbage time.
Ravens (APR, SRS) @ Steelers (Line)
The Steelers just dominated this game. On defense, they forced 6 punts and two turnovers. On offense, they scored an astonishing 6 touchdowns. It's hard to believe this is the same Steelers team that got crushed 31-10 by the Browns last month.


APR 8- 5 72-42-163.0%
SRS 8- 5 70-44-161.3%
Line 10- 3 79-35-169.1%