Monday, December 29, 2014

NFL Week 17 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (11-3)


Colts @ Titans
Cowboys @ Washington
Saints @ Buccaneers
Raiders @ Broncos
Jaguars @ Texans
Rams @ Seahawks
Browns @ Ravens
Bears @ Vikings
Chargers @ Chiefs
Lions @ Packers
Bengals @ Steelers


Bills @ Patriots
The Pats mostly rested their starters in this game (although for reasons unexplained Tom Brady played in the first half). The Bills clinch their first winning season since 2004, when Drew Bledsoe played his last season for them.
Jets @ Dolphins
Geno Smith had the best game of his career, throwing three touchdown passes and catching the Dolphins on a very bad day defensively. The Dolphins were 1-7 when giving up more than 20 points this season.
Panthers @ Falcons
The Falcons just couldn't get anything going on offense in this game. Their longest drive until well into garbage time was 38 yards. That, along with a couple interceptions (both returned for touchdowns) dug a hole the Falcons had no way out of.

Split Picks: (APR 1-1, SRS 1-1, Line 1-1)

Cardinals (APR, SRS) @ 49ers (Line)
The Cardinals surprisingly made a game of this, but Lindley's 3 interceptions was just more than the Cardinals were able to overcome.
Eagles (APR, SRS) @ Giants (Line)
Actually a relatively close game (and equal on turnovers). But Eli Manning threw incomplete too many times, the Giants only converted on 1 of 3 trips in the red zone, had 106 penalty yards, and in the end, it all added up to a loss for Big Blue.


A nice round of picks to end the regular season on.

APR 12- 4 159-80-166.5%
SRS 12- 4 157-82-165.6%
Line 12- 4 166-72-169.8%