Monday, November 24, 2008

NFL: Week 12 Pick Results

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Line picks counted correct when the favored team wins; they do not have to beat the spread to count as a win.

Pick results for week 12.

Unanimous picks (7-4)

Correctly picked:

Bengals @ Steelers
Buccaneers @ Lions
Bears @ Rams
49ers @ Cowboys
Giants @ Cardinals
Redskins @ Seahawks
Bills @ Chiefs

Not so much:

Jets @ Titans
The Jets just flat-out were the better team on Sunday. The Titans' strength has always been their defense, but they couldn't stop the Jets, and seem to be worn down by the 4th quarter.

Raiders @ Broncos
Rumors of a Broncos turn-around are greatly exaggerated. The defense gave up 157 yards rushing, the offense gave up an interception and a fumble, and the Raiders took advantage. The Broncos are now 3-6 when they give up 24+ points.

Texans @ Browns
The Browns had 3 interceptions and 2 lost fumbles. They only converted on 3rd down twice. The Texans didn't exactly light things up, but the Browns' poor play meant they didn't have to.

Patriots @ Dolphins
Matt Cassel is finally figuring out that Randy Moss (125 yds, 3 TD) is a good reciever to look for.

Split Picks (APR 3-2) (SRS 2-3) (Line 3-2)

Packers (APR, SRS) @ Saints (Line)
What happened to the Packers defense? That was just ugly. The good news is, the Packers won't have to worry about losing another playoff game at Lambeau this year.

Colts (APR, SRS) @ Chargers (Line)
Last year, I think the Chargers played a little over their heads, especially in the playoffs. This year, Chargers aren't nearly as good. The Colts aren't as good as they were last year either, but the drop-off isn't as bad.

Eagles (SRS) @ Ravens (APR, Line)
What was Andy Reid thinking would happen putting an inexperienced QB up against one of the best defenses in the league? With the Cardinals and Giants coming up, the going isn't getting much easier, either.

Vikings (APR, SRS) @ Jaguars (Line)
The Jaguars are another team (like the Chargers) that have had a major drop-off from last year. The Vikings have their problems, but they're still better than the Jaguars.

Panthers (APR, SRS) @ Falcons (Line)
The Panthers continue their slide. It doesn't get any easier for them, either, with upcoming games against the Packers, Bucs, Broncos, and Giants. At their current level of play, Carolina might not have more than 1 or 2 wins left on their schedule.


This weekOverall
SRS: 9-7101-58-1
Unanimous: 7-4 82-30

New power rankings, and next weeks picks to come.