Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NFL Week 14 Pick Results

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Line picks counted correct when the favored team wins; they do not have to beat the spread to count as a win.

Pick results for week 14.

Unanimous picks (10-3)

Correctly picked:

Raiders @ Chargers
Vikings @ Lions
Bengals @ Colts
Browns @ Titans
Jaguars @ Bears
Rams @ Cardinals
Patriots @ Seahawks
Cowboys @ Steelers
Chiefs @ Broncos
Redskins @ Ravens

Not so much:

Eagles @ Giants
It was the Giants that were supposed to play solid defense, and the Eagles that struggle on offense, right? Somebody forgot to tell the Eagles.

Texans @ Packers
For the second game in a row, the Packers lose a game they could've won with one more defensive stop. The Packers ability to play defense has fallen off a cliff since they played the Bears. In their first 10 games, Packers' opponents averaged 20.9 points per game. In their last 3 games, they are averaging 36.7.

Jets @ 49ers
Looks like its not just the west coast teams that have trouble when they travel east. The Jets lost at the Chargers, at the Raiders, and now at the 49ers. Keep an eye on week 17: Jets at Seahawks.

Split Picks (APR 1-2) (SRS 1-2) (Line 2-1)

Falcons (APR, SRS) @ Saints (Line)
The Saints seem to be putting on a late season surge. Last week, they came within 3 points of beating the (then) division-leading Buccaneers, and this week they beat the Falcons.

Dolphins (APR, SRS) @ Bills (Line)
The Bills problems just aren't going away. It's not necessarily a bad thing when your quarterback is also your leading rusher, but it is when he gets 53 yards.

Buccaneers (APR, SRS) @ Panthers (Line)
Nothing like a monster running game to cover up passing problems, including a 90 yard touchdown drive that was all on the ground.


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