Monday, December 15, 2008

NFL Week 15 Pick Results

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Line picks counted correct when the favored team wins; they do not have to beat the spread to count as a win.

Pick results for week 14.

Unanimous picks (8-4)

Correctly picked:

Lions @ Colts
Chargers @ Chiefs
Patriots @ Raiders
Bills @ Jets
Broncos @ Panthers
Seahawks @ Rams
49ers @ Dolphins
Browns @ Eagles

Not so much:

Titans @ Texans
Are the Texans better than their 7-7 record? Four of their losses are by 7 points or less, including an overtime loss to the Jaguars, and that week 3 break-down where they fumbled away a big lead against the Colts.

Packers @ Jaguars
The Packers offense takes their turn as scapegoat. Five second-half drives, only one went for more than 32 yards. Ryan Grant's lack of production was a big issue. He finished with just 56 yards on 21 carries. Yeah, he's got 1,000 yards for the season, but he's well off last years' 5.1 ypc average.

Redskins @ Bengals
The Bengals seem to do oddly well against the NFC East this year: OT vs the Giants, close to the Cowboys until late, tied the Eagles, and now they beat the Redskins.

Steelers @ Ravens
Just like their first meeting, the Ravens had their chances to win this. The Ravens defense held the Steelers to just 3 points until the 4th quarter. But like the Cowboys, the Ravens found out that the Steelers can score late.

Split Picks (APR 2-2) (SRS 1-3) (Line 3-1)

Giants (APR, SRS) @ Cowboys (Line)
A lot of the air seems to gone out of the Giants once they clinched the NFC East. And they still need one more win (or a Vikings loss) to clinch a bye...

Vikings (APR, SRS) @ Cardinals (Line)
The Cardinals are now 3-6 against non-division opponents. They really can't seem to get a win, even against a middle-of-the-pack team.

Saints (APR, SRS) @ Bears (Line)
The Saints struggled on offense all night long. Drew Brees was under a 50% completion rate for most of the game. The Saints offense only had 2 drives go longer than 45 yards (one of which ended in an interception). On the other side, the Bears got a couple big kick returns (including an early punt return for a touchdown), and a couple of big pass interference calls (Devin Hester had more yards on DPI calls than he did receiving). The Bears had their own problems (including just 55 yards rushing), but were able to pull out the win.

Buccaneers (SRS) @ Falcons (APR, Line)
No NFC South team has won a divisional game on the road.


This weekOverall
SRS: 9-7131-76-1
Unanimous: 8-4108-41-1

New power rankings, and next weeks picks to come.