Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NFL Strength Of Remaining Schedule, Q2

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Strength of remaining Schedule, Q1 (which tells how this was computed)

As usual, higher index values represent better teams, so a higher value here means a more difficult schedule.

RankTeamW-LStrength of
1Carolina Panthers3-44.3456
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-74.3061
3New England Patriots5-24.0906
4Washington Redskins2-54.0740
5Indianapolis Colts7-03.8874
6St. Louis Rams1-73.8011
7New York Giants5-33.6067
8New York Jets4-43.5338
9Buffalo Bills3-53.5337
10Philadelphia Eagles5-23.4641
11Houston Texans5-33.4365
12Jacksonville Jaguars3-43.4132
13Miami Dolphins3-43.3594
14Kansas City Chiefs1-63.3173
15Tennessee Titans1-63.2975
16Oakland Raiders2-63.2894
17Detroit Lions1-63.2508
18Pittsburgh Steelers5-23.2210
19Chicago Bears4-33.1773
20Green Bay Packers4-33.0444
21Baltimore Ravens4-33.0086
22Atlanta Falcons4-32.9599
23Dallas Cowboys5-22.9598
24San Diego Chargers4-32.9429
25Minnesota Vikings7-12.8700
26Cleveland Browns1-72.8087
27Cincinnati Bengals5-22.7977
28New Orleans Saints7-02.7356
29Seattle Seahawks2-52.7032
30Denver Broncos6-12.6358
31San Francisco 49ers3-42.5396
32Arizona Cardinals4-32.3448


  • It's not to early to talk about a first-round bye for the Saints: Football Outsiders' playoff odds give a combined probability of 88.5% the Saints will have the #1 or #2 seed. (Note these numbers are updated weekly, so if you look after Sunday, you will certainly see different results.)

  • Football Outsiders' has the Colts as heavy favorites for a first-round bye as well. But they still have to play the Patriots, Ravens, Broncos, as well as the upstart Texans.

  • Not that long ago the Giants were in control of their division. Now, after an 0-3 stretch, with a very tough schedule left to play, it could be very tough for them. Football Outsiders gives them a 41.4% chance to make the playoffs; I think that might be overly generous.

  • The Browns are giving the Raiders a run for their money as the most disfunctional NFL franchise. Even with one of the easiest remaining schedules, I wonder if they can win another game. And speaking of the Browns and Raiders, the "Avert Your Eyes Bowl" takes place week 16 in Cleveland.

  • The Cardinals and 49ers both have a very easy remaining schedule. The battle for the NFC West could come down to their week 14 matchup.