Sunday, January 17, 2010

NFL Divisional Round Pick Results

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Pick results for the Divisional round.

Cardinals @ Saints (APR, SRS, Line)
Rumors of the demise of the Saints offense are apparently greatly exaggerated. Like the Packers last week, the Saints shredded the Cardinals secondary early and often (though without the Packers' early stumbles). Unlike the Packers, the Saints' defense was able to get pressure on Kurt Warner. And, as you saw, Warner doesn't do well under pressure, especially playing from behind.

Ravens (APR, SRS) @ Colts (Line)
This was a masterful game plan on the part of the Colts, executed to near perfection. On defense, the Colts took away the Ravens' main offensive weapons: Ray Rice was held to just 67 yards rushing, and Willis McGahee was a non-factor. On offense, the Colts established a two-touchdown lead by the end of the first half, and spent the second half grinding out the clock, and keeping the Ravens away from the endzone.

Cowboys (APR, SRS) @ Vikings (Line)
How did the Cowboys ever get to 11 wins with such an awful offensive line? Romo was sacked 6 times, constantly harrassed—it's no wonder the Cowboys couldn't sustain a drive all game long, and after the Vikings got their second touchdown, the game was never in doubt.

Jets (APR, SRS) @ Chargers (Line)
As advertised: Sanchez threw for just 100 yards, Green and Jones ran for 169 yards, and the defense held the Chargers to just 14 points. How is this the same team that couldn't beat the Falcons in the Meadowlands in week 15?


This Week Overall
APR  2-24-4
SRS  2-24-4
Line  3-16-2
Unanimous 1-12-1

New power rankings, and Championship Game picks to come.