Sunday, January 3, 2010

NFL Week 17 Pick Results

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Pick results for week 17.

Unanimous picks (8-1)

Correctly picked:

49ers @ Rams
Redskins @ Chargers
Bears @ Lions
Titans @ Seahawks
Ravens @ Raiders
Bengals @ Jets
Falcons @ Buccaneers
Giants @ Vikings

Not so much:

Chiefs @ Broncos
Once again, the Broncos run defense fails to show up. Jamaal Charles got 259 yards rushing, with four other Chiefs adding in another 58 yards. Kyle Orton's 3 interceptions helped seal the deal. And for the second season in a row, the Broncos are knocked out of the playoffs on an embarrassing final game blow-out.

Split Picks (APR 1-6, SRS 1-6, Line 6-1)

Colts (APR, SRS) @ Bills (Line)
Once again, Curtis Painter comes in and does his one-man disaster act. An interception, a lost fumble, and 4/17 for 39 yards. I thought the Colts were going to try to maintain a little momentum going into the playoffs?

Patriots (APR, SRS) @ Texans (Line)
You could chalk this up to a Patriots team that didn't have anything to gain by winning, but if so, why did Tom Brady play until the Patriots final drive? I think they would've liked to get a third road win this season, but just couldn't.

Saints (APR, SRS) @ Panthers (Line)
Saints were resting their starters, Brees didn't play a down.

Packers (APR, SRS) @ Cardinals (Line)
The Cardinals pulled their starters early too, with Kurt Warner playing for just two drives. But even in the early going, the Cardinals looked flat, and the Packers looked like a team that wanted to win. The Cardinals will have no excuse if they come out flat again next week.

Jaguars (APR, SRS) @ Browns (Line)
The Jaguars offense sputtered early, with just one drive longer than 34 yards in the first three quarters. Harrison and Cribbs didn't have as big a day as the last two weeks, but enough to build a 20-3 lead going into the fourth quarter. The Jaguars offense finally did get started, but couldn't put up enough points to overcome the hole they'd left themselves in.

Eagles (APR, SRS) @ Cowboys (Line)
Did someone forget to tell the Eagles they would have a bye week if they won? The Eagles started at or inside their own 20 until late in the game, and could never sustain a drive, only once going more than 47 yards.

Steelers (Line) @ Dolphins (APR, SRS)
The Dolphins were in this for much of the game, but hurt greatly by the loss of Chad Henne after the first half. Pat White came in in relief, and then Tyler Thigpen when White was hurt. Thigpen had a chance to lead a comeback, but a couple of late interceptions sealed the win for the Steelers.


This Week Overall%
APR   9-7152-8863.3%
SRS   9-7152-8863.3%
Line  14-2166-7469.2%
Unanimous  8-1124-4672.9%

New power rankings, and Wildcard week picks to come.