Sunday, February 7, 2010

NFL Super Bowl Pick Results

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Pick results for the Super Bowl.

Saints (SRS) vs. Colts (APR, Line)
The Saints really played a masterful game. They took chances when they needed to, kept the game within reach, and played to their strong passing game.

The Colts, on the other hand... of course, Manning's pick-6 comes up big. That looked to me like just an awful throw. But the real problem was clock management. They needed to have a quick score game plain against the Saints. Instead, their first two second-half drives used 11:48 off the clock and only got them 7 points.

Even if Manning hadn't thrown that interception, if the Colts had held on to the ball and tied the game, the Saints likely would have had two minutes to drive for a go-ahead score, with little or no time left for the Colts to respond.

It almost seems like the Colts were using the same "establish a lead and sit on the ball" strategy that they used against the Ravens and Jets. But that just doesn't work when your oppoent has a quarterback like Drew Brees.


This Week Overall
APR  0-15-6
SRS  1-06-5
Line  0-18-3
Unanimous 0-03-1

The final power rankings to come, plus a few more season wrap-up posts.