Monday, September 12, 2011

NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

W-LThis Week
1Bengals1.14481-0Won by 10
@ Browns
2Lions1.14471-0Won by 7
@ Buccaneers
3Packers1.13861-0Won by 8
vs Saints
T 4Cardinals1.13861-0Won by 7
vs Panthers
T 4Chargers1.13861-0Won by 7
vs Vikings
6Patriots1.08981-0Won by 14
@ Dolphins
7Eagles1.08551-0Won by 18
@ Rams
8Redskins1.08391-0Won by 14
vs Giants
9Raiders1.08281-0Won by 3
@ Broncos
1049ers1.08181-0Won by 16
vs Seahawks
11Bears1.07961-0Won by 18
vs Falcons
T12Jaguars1.07701-0Won by 2
vs Titans
T12Jets1.07701-0Won by 3
vs Cowboys
14Texans1.06941-0Won by 27
vs Colts
15Ravens1.06821-0Won by 28
vs Steelers
16Bills1.06671-0Won by 34
@ Chiefs
T17Titans0.96930-1Lost by 2
@ Jaguars
T17Cowboys0.96930-1Lost by 3
@ Jets
T19Vikings0.82660-1Lost by 7
@ Chargers
T19Panthers0.82660-1Lost by 7
@ Cardinals
21Saints0.82500-1Lost by 8
@ Packers
22Broncos0.78750-1Lost by 3
vs Raiders
23Buccaneers0.67160-1Lost by 7
vs Lions
24Browns0.66760-1Lost by 10
vs Bengals
25Giants0.63160-1Lost by 14
@ Redskins
26Seahawks0.62770-1Lost by 16
@ 49ers
27Falcons0.62380-1Lost by 18
@ Bears
28Colts0.60640-1Lost by 27
@ Texans
29Steelers0.60440-1Lost by 28
@ Ravens
30Dolphins0.51320-1Lost by 14
vs Patriots
31Rams0.50690-1Lost by 18
vs Eagles
32Chiefs0.48160-1Lost by 34
vs Bills


  • As usual, don't read too much into these rankings. Things will be a lot more settled in a couple more weeks.

  • The good news for the Packers is they score 42 points on the Saints. The bad news is they pretty much needed all of them to win. I know Drew Brees is a very good quarterback, but the Packers defense missed a lot of tackles they really should have made.

  • That was a really bad loss for the Steelers. This is only the second loss by 28+ points in more than 20 years.

  • McNabb and the Vikings offense were pretty bad: 39 total yards passing. And yet, somehow they had the lead going into the 4th quarter. The Vikings will have to do a lot better to avoid a last-place finish in the NFC North.

  • Cam Newton looked good (especially for a rookie), and seemed to pick up Cardinals' blitz well. We'll see how it goes once teams start to get more game footage of Newton to study, but it sure looks like the Panthers picked the right quarterback this time.

  • Tarvaris Jackson actually had an OK game for the Seahawks, but a slow start let the 49ers build a lead, and a couple of special-teams breakdowns put the game out of reach before the Seahawks could catch up.

  • The Cowboys' O-line doesn't look much better than it did last year: Romo was sacked 4 times. He'll have a tough time finishing the year (again) at that rate.