Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NFL Week 10 APR vs. ESPN

What this is

A comparison of APR's Week 10 power rankings with ESPN's rankings for the same week of games. This acts as a sanity check (both ways) to see what teams are over- or underrated.

Only teams that are at least 9 positions apart are listed. The number in parentheses is the difference between APR's rank and ESPN's rank.

Teams ESPN likes more than APR:

Giants (+7) (On the bubble)
The Rams, Seahawks, and Cardinals all pulled off unlikely wins this week, making the Giants somewhat unimpressive record against them look (at least for the moment) somewhat better.
APR and ESPN have both been moving the Giants up the rankings since they first appeared on this list in week 5. Maybe APR had the Giants underrated in week 5, but they did have a pretty awful start to the season, and they've still got some tough games left to go.
(Also) On the bubble:
Chiefs (+8), Saints (+7)

Teams APR likes more than ESPN:

On the bubble:
Jaguars (-6)