Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NFL Week 11 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (9-2)

Cowboys @ Redskins
Raiders @ Vikings
Buccaneers @ Packers
Cardinals @ 49ers
Panthers @ Lions
Chargers @ Bears
Titans @ Falcons
Bengals @ Ravens
Chiefs @ Patriots


Jets @ Broncos
The Broncos only had two drives that didn't end with a punt, lost fumble, or giving the ball over on downs. All the Jets needed to do to win this game was 1) put a couple touchdowns on the scoreboard, 2) take care of the ball, and 3) stop the Broncos run game. They failed on all three counts.
Jaguars @ Browns
The Browns offense continued to struggle, but unlike last week, they did manage to get to the endzone a couple times. And that was enough to get past the Jaguars, who, for the 6th time this season, fell short of 14 points scored.

Split Picks: (APR: 1-2, SRS 2-1, Line 1-2)

Bills (APR, SRS) @ Dolphins(Line)
The Dolphins only managed two sustained drives, but they both ended in touchdowns. Their defense intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick twice, giving their offense two short fields and two more touchdowns. The Dolphins' special teams added another touchdown, and the end result was way more than the Bills could recover from.
Seahawks (APR, SRS) @ Rams (Line)
I'm not really sure why the Line liked the Rams in this game. While the Seahawks are not a good team, the Rams have a well-deserved spot at the bottom of the power rankings.
Eagles (SRS) @ Giants (APR, Line)
If the Eagles' defense had been playing consistently at this level all season, the "Dream Team" title would not be a joke. The Giants did not have a drive longer than 16 yards until late in the first half, and only had 3 sustained drives the whole game. Vince Young looked predictably rusty on offense, but the Eagles' dominating defense was able to cover for his mistakes and carry their team to a win.


APR 10-487-56-160.8%
SRS 11-390-53-162.8%