Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NFL Week 15 Pick Results

Winning team in bold.

Unanimous Picks (7-6)


Seahawks @ Giants
Chiefs @ Raiders
49ers @ Buccaneers
Cardinals @ Titans
Falcons @ Redskins
Jets @ Panthers
Texans @ Colts


Chargers @ Broncos
The Chargers did a very good job of controlling the clock and exploiting the Broncos weak defense. But the Broncos offense seemed very flat, as well. Presumably they knew the Chargers were working to keep the ball away from their offense, but they never seemed to get in a "hurry up" mode, taking over 6 minutes of game time to score what turned out to be their final touchdown. The Broncos just didn't seem like an 11 win team in this game.
Packers @ Cowboys
I knew the Cowboys' defense was bad, but giving up 5 second half touchdowns to a team that hadn't scored more than 26 points in a game since Aaron Rodgers got hurt is really taking it to another level. Also, the Cowboys were just gashing the Packers on the run in the first half. And that makes their decision to go pass happy in the second half all the more inexplicable.
Eagles @ Vikings
Did the Eagles' defense stay at home for this game. The Vikings, playing without their best two running backs somehow scored 48 points on the Eagles. There actually wasn't a lot of defense in this game by either team, but the Vikings managed a few more stops than the Eagles, and with their offense working as good as it has all season, that was more than enough.
Saints @ Rams
As I've noted before, the Saints really aren't a very good road team, and after their face plant at the Jets, this loss to the Rams isn't exactly unprecedented. The Saints just really looked bad in this game. They lost 3 turnovers on offense, and while they gained a lot of yards (432) on the Rams, mostly never found the end zone.
Patriots @ Dolphins
A part of this is on the Patriots' defense, who had some ugly sequences, including missed tackles on a critical 4th down conversion. But that defense needs help from the offense (the Patriots are now 1-3 when they don't score at least 23 points), and they didn't get that help in this game.
Bengals @ Steelers
The Bengals were another team that really didn't seem ready for their opponent. A special teams gaffes gave the Steelers a couple short fields for touchdowns, and another outright. Meanwhile, the Bengals mostly couldn't get started on offense until garbage time. And it looked like the Steelers were the ones headed for the playoffs, and the Bengals were the one playing out the season.

Split Picks: (APR 2-1, SRS 2-1, Line 1-2)

Bears (APR, SRS) @ Browns (Line)
In spite of some early rust (and frankly, just Cutler being who he is), the Bears managed to torch the Browns' allegedly good defense for 38 points. The Browns offense didn't have enought to keep up.
Ravens (APR) @ Lions(SRS, Line)
The Lions end up on the wrong end of the turnover battle again, and only score 16 points on the Ravens' defense that's given up at least 19 points 9 times this season.
Jaguars (APR) @ Bills (SRS, Line)
The Jagars are 1-9 when they dont score at least 27 points.


Another bad week for the unanimous picks.

APR 9- 7 121-86-158.4%
SRS 9- 7 123-84-159.4%
Line 8- 8 129-78-162.3%