Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NFL Week 3 Pick Results

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Pick results for week 3.

Unanimous picks (9-2)

Correctly picked:

Titans @ Jets
Giants @ Buccaneers
Panthers @ Cowboys
Packers @ Rams
Browns @ Ravens
Chiefs @ Eagles
Broncos @ Raiders
Dolphins @ Chargers
Saints @ Bills

Not so much:

Colts @ Cardinals
The Cardinals have a reputation as an offense-first team (Warner, Fitzgerald, Boldin and Breaston). But they really need their defense to have a solid game too. The Cardinals defense shut out the Colts for the first quarter, but then had a major break-down in the second, giving up 3 touchdowns. That was pretty much the end for the Cardinals, who aren't the kind of team to mount big come-backs (last year's Super Bowl is a rare exception).

Jaguars @ Texans
If you want to beat the Jaguars, it's not a good idea to let Maurice Jones-Drew get 100 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns. Also, I think it's safe at this point to pencil in the Colts to win the AFC South this year.

Split Picks (APR 2-3, SRS 3-2, Line 3-2)

Steelers (Line) @ Bengals (APR, SRS)
Could the Bengals actually be good this season? APR certainly thinks so.

Bears (Line) @ Seahawks (APR, SRS)
Interestingly, the Seahawks nearly pulled this one out. Two missed field goals come up big. That makes it harder to argue APR and SRS had them overrated.

Falcons (APR) @ Patriots (SRS, Line)
Maybe some of that rust is coming off Brady's game. The most points the Patriots have scored all season, and the first time they've had control of the game before the closing ticks.

Lions (SRS) @ Redskins (APR, Line)
Congradulations Lions! The Redskins play the Buccaneers next week, which means (at least) one of them won't lose next week.

49ers (SRS) @ Vikings (APR, Line)
This was such a weird game—the 49ers scored on a blocked punt, the Vikings scored on a 101-yard kickoff return, and then the Vikings won on a last-second, 4th down desparation heave to the end zone. It did seem like a game between two good teams, and they've both earned a top 10 spot in the (forthcoming) rankings.


This Week Overall
APR 11-520-12
SRS 12-421-11
Line 12-420-12
Unanimous 9-215- 7

New power rankings, and Week 4 picks to come.