Monday, October 5, 2009

NFL Week 4 Pick Results

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Pick results for week 4.

Unanimous picks (8-1)

Correctly picked:

Rams @ 49ers
Giants @ Chiefs
Seahawks @ Colts
Bengals @ Browns
Buccaneers @ Redskins
Packers @ Vikings
Lions @ Bears
Chargers @ Steelers

Not so much:

Bills @ Dolphins
Suddenly the Dolphins defense has 3 interceptions, while Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams combine for 200 yards rushing. Where has this team been for the first three weeks?

Split Picks (APR 3-2, SRS 2-3, Line 3-2)

Cowboys (Line) @ Broncos (APR, SRS)
The Cowboys two wins are against a couple 0-fer teams. I'm still not convinced about the Broncos, though they seem to be better than last year (which isn't saying much).

Titans (SRS, Line) @ Jaguars (APR)
The second time this season the Titans have given up 34 or more points. The Titans weren't a high-scoring offense last year, and I think most of their offensive struggles can be traced to pressing for more points than they had to last year.

Raiders (SRS) @ Texans (APR, Line)
I think SRS got fooled by the win the Raiders got over the Chiefs, and the close loss they had to the Chargers. The AFC West is the best example ever for why you need to adjust to opponent strength.

Ravens (APR, SRS) @ Patriots (Line)
Yeah, the Ravens defense were called for a couple questionable "roughing the passer" penalties. But the Ravens also muffed the opening kickoff (recovered by the Patriots), Joe Flacco threw an interception, and Mark Clayton dropped a pass that would've kept the Ravens' final drive alive and given them a chance for a go-ahead score.

Jets (APR) @ Saints (SRS, Line)
It's not that surprising that Sanchez was forced into some costly rookie mistakes. What's surprising is that it didn't happen before week 4. On the other side... who are these players wearing the Saints uniforms, and what did they do with the real team?


This Week Overall%
APR 11-331-1567.4%
SRS 10-431-1567.4%
Line 11-343-1969.4%
Unanimous 8-123- 874.2%

New power rankings, and Week 5 picks to come.