Monday, November 30, 2009

NFL Week 12 Pick Results

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Pick results for week 12.

Unanimous picks (10-1)

Correctly picked:

Browns @ Bengals
Packers @ Lions
Bears @ Vikings
Chiefs @ Chargers
Buccaneers @ Falcons
Raiders @ Cowboys
Redskins @ Eagles
Colts @ Texans
Seahawks @ Rams
Panthers @ Jets

Not so much:

Dolphins @ Bills
The game was pretty even until the Bills kicked a go-ahead field goal late in the fourth quarter. Then Chad Henne started pressing his passes, and the Dolphins final three drives all ended on interceptions.

Split Picks (APR 2-3, SRS 2-3, Line 4-1)

Jaguars (APR) @ 49ers (SRS, Line)
Key stat of the game: Garrard was sacked 6 times, for 46 yards and two lost fumbles. The lost fumbles were particularly disastrous, as they were both in the red zone.

Steelers (APR) @ Ravens (SRS, Line)
if Roethisburger and Polamalu had played, the Steelers probably would've run away with this game.

Cardinals (APR, SRS) @ Titans (Line)
I figured this game to feature a heavy dose of Chris Johnson, with just enough of Vince Young to keep drives going. Instead, Johnson was (mostly) held in check (17 for 69 plus one 85 yard td run), and it was Vince Young who had a career day passing (27/43 for 387 yards and a td). Young's virtuoso performance came on the final 99-yard touchdown drive that was all passing except for one scramble and one sack. Somehow, the Cardinal's defense just couldn't stop him.

Giants (SRS, Line) @ Broncos (APR)
There's no shortage of things that went wrong for the Giants in this game. In the first half, Eli Manning completed just 6 passes and was sacked twice. In the second half, the Giants managed to drive for a couple of field goals, but it cost them more than 9 minutes off the clock. They only had three more drives, which ended with a fumble, an interception, and the clock expiring.

Patriots (SRS) @ Saints (APR, Line)
Drew Brees and the the Saints receivers just ripped through the Patriots defense. 371 yards passing, 5 touchdowns, just 5 incompletions. The Saints have had some weak games this year, but this wasn't one of them.


This Week Overall%
APR  12-4103-5764.4%
SRS  12-4102-5863.7%
Line  14-2110-5068.8%
Unanimous 10-1 81-2874.3%

New power rankings, and Week 13 picks to come.