Monday, November 2, 2009

NFL Week 8 Pick Results

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Pick results for week 8.

Unanimous picks (6-3)

Correctly picked:

Raiders @ Chargers
49ers @ Colts
Falcons @ Saints
Browns @ Bears
Seahawks @ Cowboys
Texans @ Bills

Not so much:

Panthers @ Cardinals
The Cardinals struggle when their defense struggles. And somehow, the Panthers figured out how to get 270 yards rushing on the Cardinals (formerly #1) rushing defense. Jake Delhomme had an underwhelming game (7/14 for 90yds and a TD), but with that kind of a rushing game, he didn't need to do any better.

Dolphins @ Jets
If the Jets' special teams could cover kickoffs... if they could've held Ted Ginn to just one runback for a touchdown, they probably win the game.

Rams @ Lions
The Rams do have (at least) one bright spot: Stephen Jackson is a very good running back. And at least once or twice a season, that's all it takes for the Rams to get a win.

Split Picks (APR 1-3, SRS 0-4, Line 3-1)

Jaguars (APR, SRS) @ Titans (Line)
The Titans seem to have remembered how they used to win games: play strong defense, run the ball, and mostly rely on the quarterback to not screw things up.

Broncos (APR, SRS) @ Ravens (Line)
The Ranvens remembered how they used to win games with defense, too. If they can keep up that level of play, they'll be right back in the playoff chase.

Giants (APR, SRS) @ Eagles (Line)
When the Eagles' offense is on, they can play with any team in the League. The only question is how to figure out when that's going to happen. As for the Giants, how bad is Manning's foot injury? His completion rates in the last three games are all below 50%, which will make it hard to win agaisnt anybody.

Vikings (APR) @ Packers (SRS, Line)
This just in: Favre can still play at a high level. Add him to Adrian Peterson, and the Vikings defense, and you have a dominating team. The Packers have a lot of good players, and managed to make a game of it after falling behind 24-3, didn't have enough to pull out a win.


This Week Overall%
APR 7-666-3466.0%
SRS 6-764-3664.0%
Line 9-468-3268.0%

New power rankings, and Week 9 picks to come.