Monday, November 9, 2009

NFL Week 9 Pick Results

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Pick results for week 9.

Unanimous picks (5-3)

Correctly picked:

Redskins @ Falcons
Panthers @ Saints
Lions @ Seahawks
Dolphins @ Patriots
Texans @ Colts

Not so much:

Packers @ Buccaneers
A terrible day for the o-line. Rodgers threw two back-breaker interceptions. A disaster on special teams. A mediocre day for the defense. Just an ugly, ugly game, and an embarrassing loss for a team that looked almost assured of a playoff berth just two weeks ago.

Ravens @ Bengals
Apparently the Ravens defense was asleep for the Bengals' first three drives. They drove 73, 80, and 75 yards, scoring all 17 points. That might not have been a deal-breaker, except the Ravens' offense only had one drive go further than 35 yards.

Titans @ 49ers
Those 3 interceptions should be jogging some memories in San Fransisco as to why Alex Smith was originally benched in the first place. And for a game that was close well into the fourth quarter, how does Frank Gore only have 15 carries? As for the Titans—somehow Vince Young had 172 yards on just 12 completions, and Chris Johnson had 135 yards on 25 carries. Where was that team the first 6 games?

Split Picks (APR 4-1, SRS 3-2, Line 2-3)

Chiefs (SRS) @ Jaguars (APR, Line)
SRS probably liked the Chiefs since they don't have as many big-time losses as the Jaguars. But the Jaguars have a running game, and combined for 153 yards on the ground, while the Chiefs managed only 60 yards. Still, this was another game where the Chiefs were at least competitive to the end.

Cardinals (APR, SRS) @ Bears (Line)
The Bears' defense just couldn't get a stop. The Cardinals scored four touchdowns and a couple field goals their first 6 drives. The Bears managed to make it interesting in the 4th quarter, but Kurt Warner came back in for a fifth touchdown to seal the win.

Chargers (APR, SRS) @ Giants (Line)
Near the end of the game, the Giants were up by 3, and had 1st and goal at the Chargers' 4 yard line. In a situation where a touchdown likely would've sealed the win, the Giants offense couldn't get it done, and they settled for a field goal and a 6-point lead. On the ensuing drive, when the Giants defense desperately needed a stop, the Chargers never face a 3rd down play.

Cowboys (APR, SRS) @ Eagles (Line)
The Eagles played reasonably well. They did have some calls go against them, but it mostly seemed to me that the Cowboys just played a better game.

Steelers (Line) @ Broncos (APR, SRS)
The Steelers are noticeably better when Troy Palomalu takes the field. And until these last two games, the Broncos haven't really faced the NFL's most dominant defenses.


This Week Overall%
APR  9-475-3866.4%
SRS  8-572-4163.7%
Line  7-675-3866.4%
Unanimous 5-356-2073.7%

New power rankings, and Week 10 picks to come.